USFK failing to turn over alleged pothead

According to Newsis, prosecutors are upset that USFK won’t turn over a soldier accused of trying to mail himself pot through USFK’s mail system.

Prosecutors in Incheon got a warrant for the soldier/airman in Osan on Dec 31. USFK, however, isn’t turning the guy over.

The warrant’s good for only 10 days. If prosecutors don’t get their hands on the guy before the warrant expires, they won’t be able to put him into custody.

An official with the prosecution said they’ve contacted USFK and are taking the steps needed to put the alleged pothead in custody, but they are unable to execute the confinement right away due to SOFA regulations.

The soldier in question was caught in September trying to mail himself 900g of pot hidden in coffee cans.

Prosecutors are also looking for a Korean-American who is believed to have helped the soldier smuggle the drugs.

  • Hardy and Tiny

    The guy is screwed whatever happens. It sucks that Korea can’t figure out how to allow weed int the market.  Vietnam’s got it right.

  • Jakgani

    Why is Korea checking mail going through the USFK’s mail system.?

  • Brendon Carr

    I would have thought this article made that evident — they’re looking for contraband. And finding it.

  • Django

    Prosecutors just now got a warrant for someone who supposedly did something 3-4 months ago?  Maybe the dude(and his Korean American buddy) left the country already.

  • Manny Roxas

     It’s actually a very big problem. Since the Koreans started inspecting US mail, hundreds (if not thousands) of packages have gone missing. Everyday is Xmas for Korean Customs. Not sure why USFK turned over this responsibility to the Koreans. I wonder if other countries where the US military is stationed have their fingers in US citizen’s private mail.

  • mightymouse

    You mean the USFK mail is being run by potheads too? 

  • hoju_saram

    It’s Korea, they have every right to check mail coming into their country, regardless of whose it is.

  • will.i.aint

    Korean customs has been inspecting US mail upon arrival in Korea for decades.  With only a few exceptions – it’s the same in other countries where US troops are stationed (Germany, UK, etc.).  USFK members get to send/receive mail to/from the US based on US domestic postal rates – but still have to fill out a customs declaration.

    You are absolutely right about mail theft.  Some of by Koreans – and some of by US personnel in the mail system.  Just try getting a box marked with a well-known computer company brand sent to you in Korea.  You’ve got a 50/50 chance of it getting lost if you ship standard mail with no tracking, and a 90/10 chance with tracking.  Because of this, many online retailers will not ship computers or parts to soldiers in Korea.

  • Palladin9479

    Hmm, if the soldier was mailing to himself via MPS and it was caught inside the MPS then Korea has very little jurisdiction here.  UCMJ is applicable to the base and it’s personal and seeing as the post office is on the base they’ll most likely be prosecuted by the military courts.  Even if it’s Korean customs inspecting the mail, it’s still US mail to a US address and hasn’t legally crossed over into Korea yet.

    Now if the soldier was caught off base dealing / using pot, then the Koreans would have a very strong claim to jurisdiction.

  • will.i.aint

    Palladin9479 wrote:

    Even if it’s Korean customs inspecting the mail, it’s still US mail to a US address and hasn’t legally crossed over into Korea yet.

    Korean Customs inspects the US MPS mail upon arrival at Incheon Int’l Airport.

  • RANGER1989

    USA – the big bully, bullying a tiny country the size of state of IN. I can not wait for the DPRK to send the NBC Iron Rain South. USFK ( 28K ) – lots of crispy critters. I love the smell of napalm in the morning – smells like victory for the People of ROK.
    Romans 12:19 (King James Version)
    Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth. Payback for 60 years of American Colonial occupation.