According to Newsis, prosecutors are upset that USFK won’t turn over a soldier accused of trying to mail himself pot through USFK’s mail system.

Prosecutors in Incheon got a warrant for the soldier/airman in Osan on Dec 31. USFK, however, isn’t turning the guy over.

The warrant’s good for only 10 days. If prosecutors don’t get their hands on the guy before the warrant expires, they won’t be able to put him into custody.

An official with the prosecution said they’ve contacted USFK and are taking the steps needed to put the alleged pothead in custody, but they are unable to execute the confinement right away due to SOFA regulations.

The soldier in question was caught in September trying to mail himself 900g of pot hidden in coffee cans.

Prosecutors are also looking for a Korean-American who is believed to have helped the soldier smuggle the drugs.