So… perhaps there’s more to the NIS agent accusations after all

Seoul’s Suseo Police Station will once again summon for questioning today the NIS agent accused of conducting illegal electioneering.

Mind you, they’ve yet to discover evidence that she left any comments anywhere. But investigators have managed to confirm she did press “like” or “dislike” 288 times on 269 posts at a particularly website (which was apparently a progressively oriented humor site). Of these, 94 of the posts dealt with the election. And she did this using 16 IDs registered with emails accounts with Yahoo Korea, so no Korean ID numbers were used. To some, this reeks of an organized effort, although to Yours Truly, it seems more like your garden variety sock puppet.

Legal experts are not sure whether simply expressing support or opposition for something amounts to violating election laws. If the goal was simply to express an opinion, it might not be.

  • mightymouse

    Apparently the opposition have yet to pick up tips from US elections in demanding a recount. 

  • Kuiwon

    Is it possible that they do an investigation on who cleaned up Lee Jung Hee’s English Wikipedia page?

  • Anonymous_Joe

    I don’t know that recounts can really apply.  The voting districts were so lopsided in voting overwhelmingly for PGH or MJI that a few percent would not sway.

    Of course, Korea does not have an electoral college system but a straight up popular vote.  The potential for regionalism, as exhibited in Korea, was the reason the founding padres instituted the electoral college.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Is it possible that they do an investigation on who cleaned up Lee Jung Hee’s English Wikipedia page? 

    Cleaned up???  

    From Wikipedia,

    She was one of the candidates for the South Korean 2012 presidential election and arguably being considered as North Korean spy by a number of South Koreans for her political, civilian actions that similarily resemble the political statements made by the government of North Korea.

    Looks more like trashed.  Salman? Salman? Salman?

  • Kuiwon

    I guess the new edits are more subtle than the previous. 

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Oh. if I were to do it you can bet it would be much worse than that:)