Incheon International Airport police have arrested a 44-year-old American for drunkenly harassing three female flight attendants on a plane.

He is also accused of assaulting two male attendants who tried to intervene.

The incident took place at 11am in the morning Thursday. Among other things, the guy tried to hug the attendants.

When the two male attendants failed to restrain the drunken American, they broke out the Taser, which apparently did the trick. The flight crew then handed him over to the airport police.

UPDATE: According to this report (HT to Tom), the flight was Korean, the flight attendants were Korean, and the lout was a businessman sitting in business class. The incident took place while the plane was in flight from New York, too.

The piece concludes, “With a recent rash of foreigners causing disturbances on airplanes, all of Incheon Airport is in shock with a case of assault on top of sexual harassment taking place.”