If at first you don’t succeed, get a White House petition going

A “Yun C” in Great Neck, New York has apparently got a White House petition going calling for a recount of the Korean presidential election vote.

Or at least that’s what it seems to be. Read it and try guessing what it means.

The petition reportedly began on some Korean sites in the United States. Korean-Koreans have been participating, too, as word spread via SNS and sites like Daum’s Agora. And it wouldn’t be the Chosun Ilbo without a quote from disapproving netizens who note the absurdity of folk who are “incessantly anti-American” trying to drag the United States into this problem.

  • 코리아

    Here is some full text that was linked to me from my Korean brother-in-law (whom along with his wife believe every ranting about PGH, understandable as they live in Jeolla)

    As fellow South Koreans and electors in the United States, we greatly appreciate the willingness of President-elect Geun-hye Park to integrate the nation by overcoming conflicts and divisions. We also hope that she will make the first step on this mission by listening to the half of South Koreans who were disappointed by the Lee government and thus wished for a regime change. We hereby sign this statement.Free and fair elections are the foundation of democracy. However, as well-noted, there were quite a few issues with the general election on Apr 11th, 2012, including the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack of the Republic of Korea National Election Commission, the so-called tunnel DDos by Tae-ho Kim, voting by proxy in some facilities for the disabled, and so on. Although the Democrats raised these issues, there was no official investigation carried out by the Lee government, resulting in serious damage of the trust of South Koreans in the government and the Republic of Korea National Election Commission. In this situation, a lot of questions have been raised regarding the presidential election as well, with as many as 200,000 people (as of the morning on Dec 28th) having signed in the petition for manual counting.
    As these problems signify a deep doubt about the legitimacy of the upcoming Park government, we request immediate action on the following items for the prevention of split in public opinion and for the stable start of the new regime.
    1. To guard and check the use of power of national institutions is a duty and also a right of the people, that is specified in the constitutional law, for which relevant information should be accessible and clear. In fact, the Republic of Korea National Election Commission is supposed to be proactive in educating the public even before requests for adequate information. We ask that the Republic of Korea National Election Commission present the data of elections for the past 20 years on the voter turnouts and the percentages of votes earned per each candidate, region, gender, and age group, in order to resolve doubts about election rigging such as ‘flipped votes’.
    2. The Republic of Korea National Election Commission has changed the voting stations without sufficient notice. It also has failed to provide adequate information about the reason for changing ballot box materials from metal to paper or plastic and about manual or electronic ballot counting process, although some questions were raised. As a measure to respect South Koreans’ right to know and also to preclude additional controversy in the future, the Republic of Korea National Election Commission must account for these matters.
    3. In An-dong, a cluster of four ballots folded all together at once was found; not a bunch of four ballots which were separately-folded and then happened to sit on top of each other when being dropped in the ballot box. An explanation should be provided.
    4. It should also be justified why different ballot envelopes were used in different precincts and why see-through envelopes were used, allowing a collector to be able to read the ballot inside.
    5. The graphs representing the voter turnout and the votes earned for Mr. Moon and Ms. Park, measured over time, were too smooth to have occurred in real life, which may imply unlawful intervention. Analyses by statisticians and mathematicians should be run for verification.
    6. The record-high voting rate was 97% on Mar 15th, 1960, when the infamous fraudulent election was held. Yet, people in their 50’s were reported as having marked 89.9% of voting rate in this presidential election, which is considerably higher than other age groups. To double check, the Republic of Korea National Election Commission should submit the register of the electors, on which who actually voted are marked.
    7. Neung-hwan Kim supervised the 19th general election and the 18th presidential election as the head of the Republic of Korea National Election Commission. We want a detailed explanation regarding the debate over his qualification, appointment process, political impartiality and dereliction of his duty.
    8. Public Official Election Act, article 107 was revised on Jun 25th, 2012, for an unclear reason about six months prior to the election, such that the preservation period of the materials of the presidential election, including the ballots, was shortened to one month. Justification for this revision should be presented.
    9. Electoral Fraud Act, Act No. 9147 did not even have the extinctive prescription, because the electoral transparency and reliability is the cornerstone of democracy. Nevertheless, to much regret, this law had been abolished in Dec 2008 by the Lee government. Considering that the question itself about the background of such abrogation gives rise to doubt in the trustworthiness of the government, we insist that Electoral Fraud Act, Act No. 9147 be revived, and all the suspicions including those on the 4.11 election, which were listed in the beginning of this statement, should be thoroughly inspected and resolved.
    10. Given unusually prevalent doubts as to this presidential election, we request the consideration to keep all data and the ballots safe and sound even longer than the period specified in Public Official Election Act, article 107, if the Lee government and Ms. Park are confident in the fairness and accuracy in each step of the process of the election. We would like to also plead that the preservation period to be extended by law amendment.In case the required manual counting has not been performed yet, Geun-hye Park is technically still a ‘candidate,’ not ‘President-elect.’ Even if the presidential election should be considered complete, all these questions and suspicions will become an obstacle for her mission of the new era and the new politics.
    Also, if she dismisses or suppresses people’s demand for manual counting or even re-counting, which is their constitutional right, her new government may face a serious resistance. If Ms. Park wants to be recognized as a democratic leader, especially in this time when the world is paying a close attention to South Korea concerned about the possible revival of dictatorship, we propose that she should respect this petition and execute all of the above demands.

  • 코리아

    On a side note, I much prefer it when the loons just speak loony rather than trying to hide themselves under high-minded language that could be confused as logical. I especially love the last part “the world is paying close attention to South Korea concerned about the possible revival of dictatorship”. Yep, sure.

  • Brier

    I’m sure the DUPes and the UPPities could scrap together the money to pay for their own recount.  I just don’t think they passed math in school.  Wolves in the hen house.

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  • Sanshinseon

    Yup, such a list of election fraud charges, in English like 코리아’s but longer, was FWDed to me & others by a Korea-connected friend now living in Florida  (where they really know sumthin’ bout election fraud!)  — i replied to them as follows:

    “Y’know, none of this has any credibility at all here in South Korea.  If there was any truth or gravity to this, you know that the liberal party, the leftist radicals and their media outlets like the Hangyeorae Shinmun would be all over it with public declarations, and there would be massive demonstrations downtown everyday.  They aren’t, and there aren’t.  Pretty  much everybody are accepts that that was a free and fair election, and the people’s voice was heard, as far as these things go in any democracy.  Koreans are actually quite proud of how relatively clean their election process has become — the last election that was significantly disputed was 20 years ago, 1992. Ms. Park’s election (very close!) has a lot to do with the generation gap — elders voting conservative with higher turnout and and the discontented youth vote liberal but with lower turnout (they use the day-off to play video games instead of trooping to the polls).  There has been lots of commentary about this — and, isn’t it pretty much the same in every country around the world…? Although Ms Park is the dictators daughter, and ran as such, just about nobody is expecting her to attempt to govern in anything resembling a right-wing dictatorship.  She is likely to be quite moderate, actually, within korea’s political spectrum — and is expected to tred very carefully, lest she be accused by the Left of attempting to resurrect the Yushin regime — which she inevitably will, if she tries anything boldly conservative at all.  We will see the results, but don’t expect anything dramatic.  The looming financial crises of our real estate and household debt levels, the steep decline in customers for SK’s exports and the gargantuan financial collapses that seem to be inevitable in Japan and China on both sides of us are of far greater concern — and we can only hope that Park will make the best appointments and develop some kind of strategy for dealing with these acute problems, as far as it will be possible to deal with them at all without utter disaster. And then, there is still the crazy-murderous leadership up North….  slowly sinking towards emergency.What is she going to do about that?  what can she?  what can anybody?? All of you, please accept my best wishes for plenty of Saehae Bok in 4346 / 2013.We’re going to need it!!

  • Django

    I hereby declare that petition removed in violation of the We the People Terms of Participation – The petition is outside the scope of We the People.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    “…Florida  (where they really know sumthin’ bout election fraud!)”

    What do they know about election fraud in Florida?  Do you know something about election fraud in Florida?

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Rambling a bit, eh?  It’s as if it was written by a crackpot.

  • Cm

    This was all just too predictable. .

  • http://www.gofundme.com/1k98a8 Jakgani

    hahaha – I don’t think they will make the amount of signatures they need.

    They have 25 days left – to get another 735 people who have a whitehouse.gov account to sign it EACH day.
    Are 735 Koreans per day going to sign up for a whitehouse.gov account and sign each day ?

  • Cloudfive

    What do they know about election fraud in Florida?  Do you know something about election fraud in Florida?

    Does Kathleen Harris ring a bell? Perhaps her hang about nephew Chad?

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Never under estimate the Korean nutizens.  They have 6000 signatures now.