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Flavor of the Month – Tutti Fruiti

“Psy appeared right when we were ready to take Gangnam global,. . . We already believe we are on par with Manhattan or Beverly Hills in every way.”

Shin Yeon-hee, Gangnam mayor (from Martin Fackler’s article in the NYTimes)

While the drones (Global Hawk) are intended for intelligence gathering, they could be modified to carry a weapon. If the United States proceeds with the sale, it should include a commitment that South Korea will not arm the drones . . .  Equipping South Korea with drones that could reach all of North Korea could increase the risk of inadvertent war during a crisis. To guard against that threat, there would need to be close American-South Korean coordination.

editorial at the Times

“The important matter to realize unification and ending the division of the country is easing the confrontation between the North and South, . . . As we can see with the previous relations, the confrontation only leads to war. The anti-unification people in the South should abandon the policy of confrontation and move toward reconciliation, cooperation and unification.” (cite)

(from a recent Kim JongUn speech)

About the author: Psst, want to buy some used marble cheap?

  • aviramj

    If I’m reading it right, the letter is from Kim-Jong-il. The boy on the other hand had his spokesperson say “Presidential candidate Park Geun-hye, the bitch, [...]“.

  • The Expat

    Comparing Gangnam to Beverly Hills is a bit of a stretch, to put it nicely.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Comparing Jeju to Hawaii is a stretch to put it comically. 

  • RElgin

    There is no argument from me with you either.