And in your WTF legal moment of the week, the Dong-A Ilbo complains that child molesters are getting probation because the parents reach deals with their children’s assailants.

In one case, the 70-something headquarters VP of a group for the disabled operated by a religious group was given four years probation for repeatedly molesting the 12-year-old daughter of one of a disabled man he was caring for. He allegedly molested one of her friends, too.

The worst part about this is that when she filed a complaint against her attacker, her own father got her to retract it, telling her that the attacker had raised a counter-complaint and that he’d go to jail if she didn’t say she’d made a mistake. The father did this after the attacker cut off financial support for the family. The police, much to their credit, indicted the attacker anyway for molesting a minor, a crime you don’t need a complaint for.

In sentencing the cretin, Seoul South District Court said the attacker should be punished sternly since not only did he molest a 12-year-old, but he’d also denied the charges and failed to show remorse. The victim, however, did not want the attacker punished, it was his first crime, and he was old and vision-impaired. So instead of prison time, he got four years probation. In August, a Seoul court gave a 71-year-old guy three years probation for molesting a 16-year-old boy.

This wasn’t the only such case. In December, the head of a taekwondo school in Jeju-do got three years of probation for habitually molesting 8-year-old girls because he’d settled with the parents.