Jeju World Wide

With the New Year comes a new site that I am sure many of you will find interesting.   It is Jeju World Wide.

It wasn’t too many years ago that it was really difficult to find anything in English about places outside of Seoul.  Now there are several including Busan Haps, Daegu Pockets and, of course, Jeju World Wide.  These online newspaper/magazines have a lot to offer but, for the most part, seem to be relatively unknown to people outside of their immediate area.  Hopefully this posting will help them gain some well-deserved interest.

Jeju World Wide is a must for anyone thinking about or planning on visiting the island.  Even if you are not going to the island there are a lot of articles that readers on the Hole might find interesting such as Dr. David Nemeth’s recollections as a Peace Corps volunteer on Jeju Island in the 1970s.

In addition, there are maps to the various historic and natural sites, interviews and cultural information.

As this will be constantly updated and added to – in the words of a dreaded first sergeant from my past – “It would behoove you to keep your self acquainted” with the Jeju World Wide.

  • Brendon Carr

    The first sergeant always has a way with understated menace.

  • Miromaze

    Thanks, Robert, for the link. I’m impressed by the database JWW is still building and for those living on the Island, the coverage of 
    local events is daily `must’. Good luck  to those pioneers !

  • ig5959292ee

    hmm interesting..

  • BobbyMcG

    On behalf of Haps, thanks for the mention. For those interested, on a typical day, 20% of traffic to the site is from outside of Korea, mostly North America. Traffic in Korea runs about 50% from Busan, 30% from the Seoul area and the rest from all around the peninsula.
    You can check out the Top 10 Haps articles of the year to get an idea of what is drawing the most viewers:

  • Jason Kim

    This is really great. I am planning to go to Jeju in March and I hope I can get some good info from here.  I haven’t been there since the ’70s and I know it’s changed a LOT!