Park Geun-hye speaking English

Kushibo has posted a video of Korea’s incoming president speaking English at a 1974 (?) event in Hawaii to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Korean immigration to the state.

And OK, I’ll say it—Park was a good-looking young woman. She’s still quite a handsome woman, for that matter, regardless of her politics.

UPDATE: And here she is speaking in English in November of this year at the SFCC (HT to Steve Herman). Seems like a prepared speech, but she reads it well.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    If that wasn’t memorised and rehearsed I’m *very* impressed. 36 years later most Korean English teachers couldn’t pull that off. 

  • Steve Herman

    She delivered a speech in English during her Nov. 8 news conference at the Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club. Audio here: 

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Very nice, and yes, she was a nice looking girl, easily a 7 or maybe an 8. Contrast that with the Juche Pricess who isn’t even a 2.

  • Jakgani

    handsome woman?  I guess – Striking and imposing in good looks rather than conventionally pretty.

    She speaks quite a few different languages.

  • Hardy and Tiny

    pretty woman and very stylish

  • Cm

    I hope she has a first class security for herself.  Her mother and father were assassinated, and in 2007, someone tried to kill her with a knife to her face.  With all the crazy leftists running around in South Korea, brainwashed by left leaning entertainment media, she could be a fat target in waiting for wannabe heroes. 

  • Nathan Bauman

    I’ve been saying for years that she’s a very beautiful woman.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Everyone in Korea has been saying it since December 20. :roll:

  • Yu Bum Suk

     Arirang TV has suddenly become very pro-Park. Perhaps they know she may be watching and understanding their news.

  • corneadoug

    You can feel she is reading her notes. Actually she may have less trouble reading it and talking in english than korean during the debates :p

  • joey

    speaks quite a few different languages.

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  • will.i.aint

     I had similar thoughts on election night when they showed her leaving her house.  The crowd – while not necessarily rowdy or unruly – was way too large and allowed to get too close to her.  At any moment it looked like she might get crushed.

  • clayjar
    Seeing how confidently she [publicly] notes of her ability to speak English, French, Spanish, and even Chinese, my doubts have somewhat dispelled now.

  • Nikitha Roy

    Very nice post.I am not good in speaking English but soon i will speak excellent English with the help of videos like this