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Will parents get jail time for foreign school chicanery?

Prosecutors in Incheon are or will be asking for prison time for 47 schools school parents indicted on charges of illegally entering their children into international schools using forged documents such as fake passports.

Many of the parents being investigated are from Korea’s elite, including the daughter-in-law of a jaebeol family and the niece-in-law of a prime minister.

Experts think prosecutors will have a hard time getting prison sentences, though, since many of the suspects are first-time offenders and it’s hard to prove intent.

Given the public anger generated by this incident regarding the rich’s antisocial and unethical behavior, however, some experts think it’s possible the parents will be punished sternly.

The court will reportedly sentence the suspects as a group once arguments have concluded.

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  • dynamicallysparkling

    “it’s hard to prove intent”
    I’m sorry officer I didn’t mean to accidentally commit fraud and pay someone to forge these sensitive documents.  I was drunk.

  • gbnhj

    What – no apostille required?

  • Arghaeri

    1. As DynamicalSparkling intimates, just how difficult is it to prove intent.
    These forged documents accidentily appeared in my posession and were accidentily used to show my daughter is Columbian, us hardly a great defence.

    2. Lovely distancing sidestep with the “in-laws” being investigated.

    Daughter In-law of Chaebol fiddling for the choldten, but obviously the co-parent Son of Chaebol is not implicated at all.

  • will.i.aint

    some experts think it’s possible the parents will be punished sternly.

    To someone with billions of won in the bank . . . unless it’s jail time, it ain’t “stern” punishment.

  • 3gyupsal

    If these people are so rich, why not just send these kids to some prep school abroad? Cranbrook academy, Mitt Romneys old school, costs about the same per year as an international school.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    I suppose that some people like their kids and want them to live in their homes while they’re in they’re still children.  

  • Arghaeri

    Obviously Samgyupsal is not one of those….

  • Arghaeri

    Not to mention some want their children to get a good international education whilst making sure they remain under the influence of the minjok so they’ll stay Korean.

  • will.i.aint

     Many Korean parents do just that.  Obviously, some want the best of both worlds: Engish-language education ~ in Seoul.

  • imememememe

    That’s not hard to do. In LA.

  • gbnhj

    The article said experts believe that possession and attempted use of fake passports represent challenges to the Korean government in the determination of intent. My guess is that the Department of Immigration has a different take on that, when it comes to their use for entering or leaving the country.

    Why are students and/or their guardians not required to certify the authentication of foreign-government-produced documents in these cases?  I wonder what possible reason could explain the lack of control over this process currently exerted by the Korean government.

  • Bob Bobbs

    All Korean parents unqualified! Resist their continuous crimes! 

  • Sdfasfdsfaadafsdfsdf

    “Many of the parents being investigated are from Korea’s elite, including the daughter-in-law of a jaebeol family and the niece-in-law of a prime minister.”

    Gee, I feel robbed. Two of my close relatives have held comparable corporate and political positions in Canada, and yet I don’t have enough money to pay out bribes.  

  • 3gyupsal

    Obviously I’m not one of those what’s?   Obviously I’m not a rich person with money to send my kid to an international school?   You got me there.  I would like my kid to live at home while in school yes.  I don’t see why it is obvious that I am not one of those people.   However my point is, is that if you are determined to break the law in order pay a lot of money to go to some international school, you might have better luck just legally sending your kid to a school that will accept them.   I think that Korea should just legalize elite private schooling, or at least make an attempt to make the public schools good enough for foreign students to attend without foreign parents reacting in horror to what goes on in Korean public schools.   According to Arrirang Korea has a wonderful educational system that is second only to Finland, yet good luck in attracting foreign exchange students here.  The brain drain continues to leak westward, and the powers that be seem unconcerned.

  • theExpat

    No jail time for forging a foreign passport?  Perhaps the embassies of the countries affected should be notified.   Surely forging a passport from a developed country is a felony, somewhere.

  • Django

    No, they won’t get jail time.  That was the opinion of one Korean I asked and another said they SHOULDn’t because “it’s not that serious of a crime.”

    Me: How should they be punished?
    Korean: They should pay a fine.
    Me: But money doesn’t matter to them.
    Korean: They should pay a big fine.
    Me: But the “Korea’s elite, including the daughter-in-law of a jaebeol family and the niece-in-law of a prime minister” will just have their relatives pay the fine for them and won’t feel any pain whatsoever or learn a lesson then do it again ASAP, in fact they’re probably having new and better passports made for their “South African” children right now.
    Korean: Uhhhhh

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Well, they should be punished by having travel bans, for ever, to the countries whose passports they forged. If they have resident status in those countries, these should be revoked and they should be kicked out and prevented from ever entering those counties ever again.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FO7ZA6MFX4FILLIT3IVKRBONTU Nathan

    A MILF married to a plastic surgeon once offered me $25K to marry her on paper, so her kid get a green card to go school in the states.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6KFMIOLXZTCWEEJ3GF3YIAZIJ4 mightymouse

    oh look. It’s those elites with their usual corrupt practice. BTW Roh Moo Hyun’s daughter just got busted.

  • ig5959292ee