• cactusmcharris

    First, bro, for a while, and to answer your question, it came here.

  • pawikirogii 석아

    well psy is now over one billion! ihbb, how do you feel about that? thought you said psy was finished. hahahahahahahaha


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6KFMIOLXZTCWEEJ3GF3YIAZIJ4 mightymouse

    It’s a guessing game to see when everybody will get sick of Gangnam Style. 

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    The snow? In my neighborhood it’s become a sheet of ice on all the roads and sidewalks.

  • Jakgani

    someones a bit late – thats old news.

    I spoke to an American yesterday – who stated that many Americans were viewing Gangnam style – for
    the sole reason that it is so crazy and weird…


    think about it…..  a horse dance?

    even Psy has said numerous times he made it to MAKE FUN of Koreans attempt at being glamorous.

  • Jakgani

    Icey-snow – It should snow again on Thursday.

    the kids enjoy sliding around on it – but remember – walk flat footed, slowly and carefully.

    Falling on ones back, sternum or tailbone can lead to serious pain and a few trips to hospital
    for fractures, etc.

  • keyinjpop

    Where’s the snow? Not in Texas, but at least it’s getting freezing cold here. Finished my Christmas shopping and already got a few from my sister. Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it).

  • Yu Bum Suk

     Much the same, except on roads that got driven on a lot yesterday, which is the only “safe” place to walk. Hopefully the sun will melt most of it away before the day’s over.

  • Waygoogin

    does anyone have any information about a knife attack at wangsimni subway station on friday evening?

  • Jakgani

    Hahahaha – It’s Friday evening in the USA – the world should end any minute.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    Costco is in the business of making its members happy. If, as it turns out, the Korean Costco members want to eat a heaping plate of chopped onions, ketchup and mustard as the Costco Onion Salad™, then onions it is! Give the people what they want. I admire that customer-service dedication.

  • http://kuiwon.wordpress.com/ Kuiwon

    I still can’t believe people were able to make a movie out of this nonsense.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    Temperature is hovering right around freezing, which means there’s a chance to melt up and run off under sunlight, but I rather suspect we’ll see the sheet of ice made even slicker.

  • Yu Bum Suk

     I’m a bit further south. I can only hope that doesn’t happen here. Watch out in Seoul I guess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.koehler.98 Robert Koehler

    You know, the movie wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

  • KrZ

    This is pretty impressive – https://www.princeton.edu/main/news/archive/S35/60/40I47/index.xml?section=topstories

    This would be the biggest fusion reactor ever built if it goes through.

  • Jang

    You’re not hooked up right if this doesn’t do something for you.  Does the S. Korean Marines have an orchestra?  Oh, and Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Horace Jeffery Hodges

    “Where did all the snow go?”

    Yes, and where are the snows of yesteryear?

    And the Snowdens . . .

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • will.i.aint

     Another really important safety tip to keep in mind while walking when it’s icy — don’t put your hands in your pockets.  If they are in your pockets and you slip and fall, you might not be able to pull them out and brace your fall.

    On a related note – I wonder how often motorcycle riders in Korea who ride with the big gloves attached to the handle grips of their motorcycles have taken a spill and seriously injured themselves because they couldn’t get their hands out of the gloves to brace their fall?

  • will.i.aint

     I was in Namdaemun Market last weekend and one of the vendors selling long underwear from one of the tables set up in the middle of the market road/walkway kept describing them as “Gangnam Style!”

  • Koreandumbdumb

    Los Angeles Clippers is re-defining basketball.   And, how to play basketball.   Blake Griffin is like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan.   Do not shoot the basketball.  Just throw it down!  That is the basketball.  Not shooting.  Dunking!

  • CalendarCalligraphy

    They are peaking too soon and will flame out in the playoffs.

  • bumfromkorea

    So let me get this straight. You walked into a costco, pointed at complete strangers, and shouted internet fad to them, and you think THEY’re the assholes in that picture?

  • YangachiBastardo

     I couldn’t help pointing at people and shouting – “Gangnam style!” last weekend at Costco at people piling up onion and ketchup onto plates to eat for free. – that is real “Korean style” to me.

    You’re lucky you were dealing with people way less ill-tempered than me (and many others on this board too, let me add), you try to disrupt my grocery shopping like that just cos…well you feel like being a jackass and you walk home with a few missing teeth, provided you still have a few to miss

  • YangachiBastardo

    Did anybdy have the chance to watch 26년 ? Is it any good ?

  • pawikirogii 석아

    whats the next big thing in smartphones? bendable screens. whos miles ahead in bendable screens? yep,
    samsung. coming soon. innovation by samsung.
    apple better worry.


  • imememememe

    i personally passed sick a looong time ago. if i hear the song one more time, i’m going to sue psy for driving me insane.

  • imememememe

    don’t let the PC crowd get to you, brah. wish everyone a merry christmas and fuck’em if it offends them or makes them feel uncomfortable.

  • imememememe

    Blake Griffin’s ceiling is Shawn Kemp. Bird/Magic/Jordan my ass. That’s like saying, “Man, Hyuna is the next Billie Holiday!”

  • http://kuiwon.wordpress.com/ Kuiwon

    Here’s a good report on people in their 20s and 30s that voted for Park Geunhye: http://news.tv.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/12/22/2012122200731.html

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.koehler.98 Robert Koehler

    Was wondering where 손수조 was hiding.

    Thanks for the link, but at the end of the day, two thirds of those in their 20s voted for Moon.

  • HSchmidt

    I hope South Korea’s new president, Park Geun Hye, respects women’s rights and bans the mail order bride industry. 

  • dlbarch

    Just for the record, pliable electronics, or flexiscreens, are not new:


    Nokia’s prototypes alone are more than a year old now. Same with LG.

    But, yeah, it’s good that the R&D engineers at Samsux have finally put down their copies of last month’s “Wired” magazine and decided to finally get into this niche.

    Meanwhile, Samsux is about to get hit with a huge antitrust finding by the EU:


    Nara-mangshin, baby…nara-mangshin!


  • cactusmcharris

     I thought of your nightmare adjumma brigade, Brendon, as I munched my jentacular hot dog (mustard, onions, relish) this a.m.. $1.68 for an all-beef weiner and pop – splendid carbs for dodging carts for of holiday cheer).

  • dogbertt

     Very well said.

  • bballi

     So Griffin will max out at 7 kids from 7 different mothers like Kemp?

  • TheStumbler

    But heaven forbid if you want pickle relish with your bulgogi-bake. Last trip I was told from now on pickle relish is only for hot-dogs.

  • http://tesslerdavis.tumblr.com/ thejd

    Does it make sense to try to track down a cheap(er) 4s now that the new iPhone 5 is here? How much less are they going for now that they’re yesterday’s news? And, would most stores that stock iPhones have older models sitting around still for sale?

  • Arghaeri

    Yeah, lets respect womens rights,

    you can’t get married in korea -piss off ……

  • YangachiBastardo

    How can you “ban” such an industry ? Can you prevent 2 consenting adults from getting married ? 

  • YangachiBastardo


    The EU antitrust is pretty much a joke, the only dude dumb enough to be hacked by it was Jack Welch, aka the most overrated CEO of all time. They were so arrogant and incompetent they didn’t even bother to check if there were anti-trust laws overthere.

    That pretty much account to the one and only significant thing Mario Monti achieved in his useless existence (he was my teacher in college, he seemed already senile 18 years ago). 

    Anyway Sam imho has other things to worry about, specifically what the world post-tablet, post-smartphone will look like cos it’s a post that will come pretty soon.

    Also content providers need desperately to innovate: software margins went down, movie margins= same story, tv is taking home a smaller and smaller slice of the ad pie, music margins pretty much all but collapsed, the videogame industry isn’t doing that great either and the progressive cloudification of the distribution model won’t help…

    What’s next then ? I don’t wanna die playing Call of Duty 345 and reading a Hunger Games spinoff on the Kindle app

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr


  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    Apple still sells the iPhone 4S: 16GB model is available for W750,000.

  • aligner

    I noticed that all the comments from posts before introducing Disqus are gone – will they ever return?

  • Koreandumbdumb

    Yep.  Baduk (aka RolyPoly) is now KoreanDumbDumb.   I forgot my password and I had to change my id.

  • Jieun K

     Greetings from Santa Claus cats: Merry Christmas! <|:-)

  • Jungpo

    South Korean 2012 election fraud? Is it true the voting machines just sorted the ballots but did not do individual counts yet? Should Koreans demand a manual vote count?

  • Hardy and Tiny

    ugh…getting tired of seeing Koreans covering their mouths with their fist.