A Jazzy Christmas Eve

Jazz Christmas with Ronn BrantonChristmas time is here again and this year and, if you want to have some fun and listen to some Jazz this Christmas Eve, the Ronn Branton Group is performing their annual concert in Apkujong Dong, at Chang Jeon Art Center (close to the Apkujong Dong subway) at 4 and 8 pm.

Jazz Christmas is the Ronn Branton Group with:
론 브랜튼 Ronn Branton (피아노 Piano)
리차드 로 Richard Rho (색소폰 Saxophone )
김정균 Chungkyun Kim (퍼커션 Percussion )
오종대 Jongdae Oh (드럼 Drums )
김인영 Inyoung Kim (베이스 Bass)
알렉스 도연 Alex Doyaun(게스트 보컬 Guest Vocal)

I am told that tickets for the show on Christmas are sold out but there are still tickets for Christmas Eve.  To reserve tickets in English, you can call 010-3817-7214.

  • keyinjpop

    Is their music instrumental or is there a full-time vocalist? Some albums you would recommend for new listeners?

  • Adams-awry

    Did you manage to sell any of your goods on  etsy.com?

  • RElgin

     Those are not my goods.

  • RElgin

     This concert is instrumental with a few numbers with a vocalist.

  • Hardy and Tiny

    people still go to apkujong?