Moon Jae-in is conceding, which means Park Geun-hye is the president-elect.


– The Asia Gyeongje is pointing to three major reasons for Moon’s defeat:

1) The DUP couldn’t answer why voters should vote for Moon. They ran against Park, not for Moon. Hard to pick up centrists and independent voters like that.

2) Moon Jae-in’s campaign team was a disaster.

3) Tepid support from Ahn Cheol-soo.

– Yonhap notes that not only is Park the first woman president, she’s the first presidential candidate to get over 50% of the vote. This is largely thanks to the absence of any popular third-party candidates.

Unless you live in the Honam region or Seoul, you voted for Park Geun-hye.

– According to exit polling data, women broke slightly for Park Geun-hye, while men broke slightly for Moon Jae-in. Voters 50 or over broke for Park (with voters over 60 heavily breaking for Park), while voters under 50 went for Moon.

– Not to pile on, but the SNP won the Gyeongnam gubernatorial race (not surprising, considering the opponent), and conservative Moon Yong-lin wil be the next Seoul education chief.

– The Hani notes that the surprising result of this election—with a conservative winning despite high voter turnout—might reflect changes in Korea’s demographics, which is to say, there’s a lot more older voters now.

– Enjoying a nice Chilean cabernet as I go through the post-game analysis. Wife is watching “Upside Down.” Saw “Dredd” earlier this evening. Not a bad film, even in 2D.

– Yonhap has a good summary of how the Gyeongnam gubernatorial race went down.

– Teachers, break out your “love sticks”—the new Seoul education chief is already talking about changing the students human rights ordinance, blamed by conservatives for making classrooms unmanageable.


The sun still rose this morning. Well, that’s promising.