Ahn Chulsu who pulled out of the race against Moon Jaein to represent the lefties earlier due to Moon’s refusing to budge -despite the numbers showing a sure victory for Ahn if he ran in the Presidential election – is seen here on the day of the election, headed for the U.S.

He says he will take a little time off and think about his next moves(political). Although there is a speculation that Minju, in their defeat, might seek him to take charge and become the centre in the re-grouping of what’s left over, this is unlikely because he is said to have repeated that “he should have created his own party” and would prefer to draw on a fresh new sheet than fix the drawing already made.

He should come back, and maybe severe all ties with the losers and the ugly ambition party and make his own party. I thought it might be possible that the lefties would be reasonable and see why they are not liked by the people who shun extreme, but this has shown to be 무리/difficult. Then we can call it Progressives, true to the meaning of the word, completely wrongly attributed to Minju at the moment.

At least, there is some good news for the Marmots Hole readers – you might have to make do with the “toilet” standard of political coverage from now on because the above-toilet level writer just told us – at nobody’s request – completely unlike what we get vice versa – he was going to stop doing any further political coverage after the election :)