Well, Friday is right around the corner and, as always, the Discovery Channel is playing up the hype of December 21. I am kind of curious what all the experts are going to say on Saturday.  Of course, they are not the only doomsday prophets that have been wrong.

Here are some links to the latest threat of doom:

Toutatis – a huge asteroid and its Earth flyby – kind of interesting video and pics.

While Toutatis won’t hit us – there is going to be at least one lunar collision.

An employee lost his job warning on-line gamblers that the world will lose electricity for three days starting on December 21 and resume on December 24 – kind of an odd doomsday warning.

Were these murderers of school children influenced by the alleged impending doom?

some Chinese have been selling all they have and giving the money to poor children so that their last days will be happy.

If all of this is getting you down – you can go to the Independent and read why December 21 is not the end of the world.