– The Hani has an interview with a “former high-ranking NIS official” who claims the NIS has three teams of agents (76 folk in total) dedicated to waging comment war battles on behalf the LMB administration. Color me skeptical, but I suppose it’s possible.

– Is the Park Geun-hye camp giving the foreign press a hard time over using the word “dictator”? That’s what the DUP is claiming, anyway:

Foreign journalists in South Korea are reportedly unhappy with the Saenuri Party’s tactics. Shin Jae-yeon, deputy spokesperson for the foreign press for Democratic United Party challenger Moon Jae-in, said foreign reporters had talked about being repeatedly contacted by Saenuri members questioning why they had used certain expressions.

“The reporters are taking these as attempts to control the foreign press by denying the legacy of the dictatorship,” Shin said. “It’s extremely upsetting to them.”

– Something interesting I read this morning—several government ministries released press statements after the third presidential debate refuting statements made my Moon Jae-in during the debate. Not sure how I feel about that, actually.

– Korean novelist and Twitter star Lee Oisoo wants you to vote. I could deal without the gloom, but here it is anyway:

– The WSJ offers a pretty good look at the election and why this year’s campaign season seems so underwhelming. Part of it is the candidates themselves, part of it’s resignation, and part of it is greater democratic maturity.