The Financial Times had a piece over the weekend about the Park campaign running on the female factor. This will be old news to MH readers but, they have an interesting PGH quote from earlier this year that I had not seen:

“Faced with the possibility of another global economic crisis next year, we should now establish a feminine, motherly leader who may sacrifice all for the sake of the people.”

Nicely veiled reference on the possibility of an economic crisis and an outright proclamation on the solution.

Hong Da-som, a 22-year-old university assistant, told the FT she doesn’t care for the whole lot, regardless of gender.

“…I don’t view Ms Park mainly as a woman – she’s just another presidential candidate looking out for her own interests. I don’t support anyone in this election. They’re all the same.”

Interesting that Hong should say that they are all the same. Part of the FT piece notes that PGH’s “pro-female” policies such as addressing workplace marginalization and childcare funding are positions shared by Moon Jae-in as well.

You can read the rest here.

Note: It is hit or miss on whether the FT let’s you view an article without a subscription. I clicked it in the feed.