Park: South Korea needs a ‘motherly’ leader

The Financial Times had a piece over the weekend about the Park campaign running on the female factor. This will be old news to MH readers but, they have an interesting PGH quote from earlier this year that I had not seen:

“Faced with the possibility of another global economic crisis next year, we should now establish a feminine, motherly leader who may sacrifice all for the sake of the people.”

Nicely veiled reference on the possibility of an economic crisis and an outright proclamation on the solution.

Hong Da-som, a 22-year-old university assistant, told the FT she doesn’t care for the whole lot, regardless of gender.

“…I don’t view Ms Park mainly as a woman – she’s just another presidential candidate looking out for her own interests. I don’t support anyone in this election. They’re all the same.”

Interesting that Hong should say that they are all the same. Part of the FT piece notes that PGH’s “pro-female” policies such as addressing workplace marginalization and childcare funding are positions shared by Moon Jae-in as well.

You can read the rest here.

Note: It is hit or miss on whether the FT let’s you view an article without a subscription. I clicked it in the feed.

  • madar

    That’s my wife’s take on them.  She was an Ah supporter and is now jaded and undecided.  She’ll vote, but will decide on the day, and really doesn’t seem to care.  I told her to vote for whoever is running as #5 or 6 as a protest vote!

  • Sperwer

    “Motherly leader”. Unfortunate choice of rhetoric for Ms Park. Weren’t maternal metaphors one of the hallmarks of Kim Jong Il’s personality cult?

  • Les Zsoldos

    Apparently Ms. Park also thinks she’s the Margaret Thatcher of Korea.  I’m not convinced and I think she’s really running on her father’s name and legacy.  She may be the favourite, but if voter turnout is high on election day, it could spell trouble for her.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Time Magazine Asia’s cover has Park Geun-hye on it with the large bold caption, “Strongman’s Daughter”.  PGH’s camp is spinning ‘strongman” as meaning “strong leader”.  

  • Arghaeri

    Why not, did you think the economist mean’t he was an accomplished weightlifter?

  • Anonymous_Joe

    I guess.  I wish Time had gone with the more alliterative “The Dictator’s Daughter”.

  • The_Korean

     On the web version, Time did go with “The Dictator’s Daughter”.

  • The_Korean

    Best reaction I saw so far —

    PGH had claimed that she would be like a mother who wouldn’t let her children starve. Pop artist Nancy Lang retorted: “Mommy, it’s ok if we starve — just don’t hit us like Daddy did.”

  • Ben Wagner

    I was thinking the same. I’d be interested in hearing BR Myers take on it.

  • DLBarch

    Let me come out of MH hibernation to share this, which truly ranks at or near the top of 2012 presidential election imagery:

    Too, too naughty!


  • SomeguyinKorea

     Vote for the name you know.

  • KWillets

    It saddens me to report that, over the weekend, Lee Jung-hee’s wiki page has had its link to removed, along with most of the subtle links to North Korea, such as the listing of Kim Jong-un as her spouse.  I suppose he withdrawal from the election may have slowed down the trolls, but I am still hoping for more edits.

  • YangachiBastardo

    Weren’t maternal metaphors one of the hallmarks of Kim Jong Il’s personality cult?

    With “parents” like that around i’m starting to feel less ill toward  my old folks 

  • The_Korean

    Park Chung-hee and Kim Il-Sung shared the same type of governing aesthetics — 새마을 운동 versus 천리마 운동, etc. It is not a surprise that their children inherited the same aesthetics.

    Another reason why I fervently hope for PGH’s defeat.

  • wangkon936


    Where have you been man?

  • YangachiBastardo

    Manila and KL…came back just in time for a snow storm ensued by  icy weather: needless to say i’m depressed as shit :) If i finish work by Xmas i’m taking kiddo to Indonesia for a few days holiday