Elections Commission raids illegal NFP campaign office

Who needs NIS to be an Internet troll? The Elections Commission raided an officetel in Yeouido to discover an unregistered campaign office for NFP. Seven or eight workers were found working on the Internet. The unregistered office was headed by a Mr. Yoon, chair of the Park Geun-hye camp’s SNS Media Team. The Elections Commission also discovered dozens of Certificates of Commission [임명장] bearing Park Geun-hye’s name, as well as a document that detailed NFP’s campaign strategy regarding social network services.

Yoon is now under investigation by the Elections Commission. NFP issued a statement that Yoon was not a regular employee of the party but a consultant, and the office belongs to Yoon personally, not to the NFP.

  • RElgin

    This is sleazy and just what I would expect from an unrepentant Hanara/Sanuri Party. You know, we have the same problem in the US with privateer style consultant groups, like this one, that do drive-by agitprop, DOS attacks, etc. for different political/business groups.

    There is not nearly enough investigative reporting done on this sort of shady business either.

    You should ask, however, *which* sleaze do you want for president: Sanuri or Minju sleaze because, no matter where you cut, it is all chicken.

  • bballi

    chicken you say. Well in that case NFP would be jjimdak. Greasy, slick, splattering and contains rectums…lee junghui would be buldak. Too much spice. Burns on the way in and out. Finally the DUP is like yangyom. Sweet and delicious at first with free this and free that but in the end it turns your stomach and comes out solsa style…

  • Sanshinseon

    agree with Elgin and love that comment, bballi — you know both your K-chicken and K-politics well!