This MBC news report highlights the dire straits of the mixed children born between US army soldiers stationed in South Korea and the Filipina women who work in Kiji-chon (military campside towns). There are said to be around 1000 Filipina women who are in South Korean kiji-chon illegally, and when they are abandoned by the US soldiers who return to the country, like the case they show in the report, the women have no support from anybody including the Korean government for the babies.

I am surprised by the dire way the campside towns look in 동두천 – Tongduchun – it’s like we stepped right into a 1960’s film set. No wonder the US soldiers in Korea have a bad time, if that’s all they have to entertain themselves.

It highlights the problem of having a military presence in a country outside its own.
I like this question about the US military presence in Germany. I would add to the answers given (saving the German earned Euros), that even as former enemies, there is no real enmity resulting from difference of culture and race.

I also like the comments by the US readers in the PSY apology pieces. In Washington Post, they range from:

We have nearly 1000 bases in 175 nations no empire in history has had such a broad reach, and like all in history it is draining our economy and leading us to ruin, the New Rome as the PNAC, Neocons liked to claim America is just as Rome was broke and fragmented


Heck with it. I’ll comment again. This article doesn’t point out that the South Korean gov’t never asked the u.S. to leave. Back in 80s or so, when a nationalist Philippine gov’t got elected, they asked U.S. to withdraw from its largest port in Asia. The U.S. got out ahead of schedule. (Now, wise Philippines are kicking themselves, because they are left naked against open Chinese aggression against islands Philippines long thought they owned, until newly strong Chinese moved against them).
On the other hand, both Japan and South Korea never asked U.S. to leave.
Guess which country is pleading for U.S. bases? Vietnam! Yeah, Commie Vietnam, cuz Chinese are pressuring them heavily as well. It’s a hoot.
Still, you all must remember that all South Korea has to do is ask U.S. to leave and it will.

It looks like everybody needs their enemies.

Lastly, I would like to repeat what I’ve said on this blog many times. Say what you will about Roh Muhyun (especially those Americans who hate him for anti-Americanism), he was in the process of/implementing a controlled handover from the US army to the South Korean army, eventually paving the way for them to leave, which coincides with what you want.