How Taiwan is better than Korea

In an article titled “Do we love South Korea too much?” Focus Taiwan editorial asks that question, but also brings up a few points.  Although the article concedes that South Korea has better soft culture, economy and global brands than Taiwan, it also points out that Taiwanese society isn’t as neurotically cloistered or unhappy as Korea’s.

[Seoul National University student Kim Jun Suk]… said South Korea is competitive globally, but its people are not happy and society is highly regimented.

In comparison, almost all personal views, identities and forms of dress can be accepted in Taiwan, and Kim said he envied such freedoms even if the Taiwanese themselves do not appreciate their blessings.

Yes, but having said that, Taiwan is increasingly trying to figure itself out in light of living next to a huge China sucking up all their best human resources and slowly integrating its economy.

  • The_Korean

    Korea-Taiwan relationship is an interesting one. Little known fact — the word “Korean Wave” (한류) actually came from Taiwan, as Korean pop stars such as Kim Wan-sun began making their marks there. In many ways, actually, Taiwan served as a testing ground for Korea’s entertainment companies that were looking to expand their reach abroad.

  • DC Musicfreak

    Taiwan is way more chilled, less overtly nationalistic and possibly has better overall cuisine. Its subtropical nature gives it more interesting flora and fauna – including 11 species of poisonous snakes! In terms of pulchritude, the women of Taiwan don’t hold a candle to those of Korea, IMHO.

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  • Lily Queen

    yes! I was in Taiwan around 2001 and I saw all of the Korean stuff that I then saw again in Japan around 2003-4 (and then back in the US in California in 2004-5). Ha, I’ve never seen anyone else mention this before. The old Taiwanese lady I rented a room from watched Korean dramas dubbed in Mandarin obsessively, and I got really sick of Bae Yong Joon’s face, but the stuff was so pervasive that I bought a cheap knockoff of the Polaris necklace to remind me of my time in Taiwan. :)