This is fun. Last night, Moon Jae-in’s campaign held an emergency press conference, and alleged that the National Intelligence Service — same as the CIA in the U.S. — is running a team of 70 agents to patrol popular websites and leave disparaging comments about Moon Jae-in.

Shortly afterward, the police and DUP staff rushed to an officetel at Yeoksam-dong, which Moon’s camp alleged to be a base for NIS’s operation. Initially, the lone resident of the apartment claimed that she was not an NIS agent. Based on the claim, the police withdrew, although the DUP staff continued the siege. Later, news organizations did confirm that the officetel belongs to an NIS agent. The agent is inside the apartment right now, and is refusing to open the door. DUP suspects that the agent is destroying evidence, and is in the process of obtaining a warrant.

For their part, NIS has denied that it attempted to sway the election, and expressed outrage that DUP is harassing a private person.

There are many comedy points here, including:

– How is it so easy for the media to find out where NIS agent lives? She’s an NIS agent for crying out loud.
– If NIS did want to affect the election, THIS is the best it could do? Be an Internet troll? Shouldn’t they try to assassinate MJI or something?
– What if all the NIS agent wanted to do was to enjoy her Internet porn in peace?

But for me, the best comedy point was this tweet by KBS News. Apparently, when KBS News reported the standoff, it received the exact same tweet, disparaging the DUP, from 32 different accounts. The Twitter account for KBS News thanked those account-holders for their attention.