Somebody’s not getting the memo:

Four runaway American soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of producing and selling a new type of synthetic drug, South Korean police officers said Monday.

The suspects, including a 23-year-old private from the U.S. army, only known by his initial K, are accused of smuggling synthetic marijuana via international air mail, officers said. They then allegedly produced a new type of narcotics called “Spice,” and sold the drugs to locals, foreigners, and other American soldiers in the foreigners‘ hub of Itaewon and the Hongdae area in central Seoul.
The agency said it has also arrested a 27-year-old Filipino woman, only known by her initial D, on the same charges. Twelve locals and foreigners, and 13 other American soldiers have been arrested without detention on charges of buying and using Spice.

Truly innovative stuff, mailing yourself drugs. Amazing they got caught.