In an appeal decision, a Seoul High Court bench recently let a 54-year-old man convicted of sexually assaulting a mentally handicapped 15-year-old girl walk on parole because, well, he regretted what he did.

The attack happened in May when the guy gave the girl a lift in Gapyeong. He brought her to his home and sexually assaulted her.

In the first trial, the court handed the guy a three-year sentence. In its ruling, the court said the defendant’s crime was particularly heinous because the girl was just 15 and mentally handicapped.

Seoul High Court, however, is apparently composed of more sympathetic sorts. They felt the defendant was not fully aware of the girl’s age and mental condition when he committed the crime. The bench explained that the man immediately felt bad about what he did; after hugging her out of sympathy, crying and washing her with warm water (something less empathetic justices might misinterpret as “destroying evidence,” as noted by some Segye Ilbo commenters), he dropped her off near her home, giving us an idea of the circumstances of the crime. The girl’s mother, impressed by the devotion and effort of the defendant’s wife, submitted a plea for leniency to the court (another WTF element to this story), and the defendant showed regret and atonement throughout the court of his confinement and trial. Or so the bench noted.

Thank God for the judge that he didn’t post anything nasty about the president on Facebook, or else he’d really be up shit’s creek.

Now, I’ve never seen sites like Youporn or Redtube, and certainly not Hegre Art, where the high quality of photography more than makes up for the over-reliance on admittedly pretty but skinny Eastern European models. Or so I’ve been told. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine any of those sites have anywhere near as harmful an impact on sex crime rates as rulings like this.