Pet dogs must be registered

Following the comment made by J.Hodges who linked to a video to help find a missing dog (the reason I linked to my own comment and not to J.Hodges’s directly is that I cannot find on this horrendous Disshite thing how to find the link to the comment, apart from clicking on the recent comments and cut-and-pasting the web address, any ideas?) I came across a good piece of news in the Korea Times, albeit the English article and its Korean counterpart not matching in its content.

The gist is that South Korea is trying to put in place a pet (dog) registration system from next year to prevent abandoned pets.

However, I found something strange while quickly skimming the article. Unlike the article in English, the Korean article next to it
1.does not mention “Seoul City government, nor does it say the system only applies to dogs in Seoul
2.specifically talks about pet dogs, whereas the English article just says “pets”
3.The fine for non-registration, when found, in the English article says “upto 400,000 won ~400 USD”, whereas the Korean article states upto 1,000,000 (1000 USD).

It’s funny because actucally after watching the missing dog video, I had been talking off-line about this, how my dog is microchipped and with a passport etc. and somebody half-seriously asked if one eats a microchipped dog would he/she be walking around with a number. I don’t think so, I think he/she would shit microchip.

Anyway, as I commented in the Open Thread, this just highlights yet another logical fallacy and incompatible nature of legalizing dogmeat industry in a country which is trying to come to grips with dealing more of its population having pet dogs and cats as family.

correction update: I don’t know if it was me who failed to spot or they fixed the piece up, but I now find that in the Korean translation does specifically mention Seoul City as the ones bringing in the measures. Apologies.

  • cactusmcharris


    Has Jeffery H.’s looked-for dog been found, then?

    I’m curious – what kind of doggie do you have?

  • que337

    In Britain, approximately 6 to 9 percent of dogs in pounds are put to death every year, 2007-2009 figures show, according to the website of Dogs Trust, the nation’s largest dog welfare charity. In Japan that figure is more than 70 percent, the Japanese animal welfare organization ALIVE says.

    Source: Reuters

    In Korea, the figure must be higher than Japan. I do not believe that simple ban on dog meat would result in desirable pet culture. A society of thriving pet business could still put the animals to death in gas chamber.

    Anyway, there is a man who determined to be a murderer to shun the mass pet killing:

  • yuna_at_marmotshole

    Don’t know Cactus, but I do pray that it will be soon if not already.
    I have a black and tan shiba-kenvery much like the one in the pictures in this blog

  • yuna_at_marmotshole

    The raising of the dogs for meat as shown in the GBevers video in those horrible farms, do not occur in Japan, Q.
    Pet culture, even among the developed nations, some are definitely further ahead, and some behind i.e. Germans would adopt many dogs abandoned in Poland etc. and a lot of them banned selling puppies in situ at pet shops precisely for this reason (Japan still an exception).

  • Craash beck

    Minutes later the pedigree Japanese Akita is among a large group of dogs led into a “dream box”, an ­execution chamber which will be pumped full of carbon dioxide.

    As the deadly gas slowly fills the box it takes 10 minutes for the barking inside to die down into heart-breaking whimpers. And as the dogs writhe in agony, it takes another 20 minutes before their twitching bodies are finally still.

    Damn bastards! They’re torturing the animals to death!!

    Death by Carbon monoxide is extremely painful. It feels as if your lungs are on fire – for at least 10~20 minutes – then you finally die.

    Surely they could at least pump a kinder gas into the chamber – like chlorofoam…

  • cactusmcharris

    Fine-looking animals, and me, too.

  • que337

    Whatever. Someone might argue Nazis gas chamber was humane way of killing human.

  • Craash beck

    Japanese DO eat dog meat. They import it from China.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Someone might argue that the moon is made of green cheese. :roll:

  • keyinjpop

    Wow, that quote made me sad.
    Is chloroform really safer though? How much can you breathe in before it becomes hazardous?

  • que337
  • Anonymous_Joe

    I do not doubt that you quoted accurately; however, carbon monoxide poisoning is not painful. Carbon monoxide asphyxiation has been a preferred form of suicide since he advent of combustion engines and garages.

    In fact, carbon monoxide poisoning is so painless that many have auto asphyxiated (unintentional pun) by warming their cars in their garages and drifting off to sleep.

  • Arghaeri

    Are you for real?

  • Arghaeri

    looks like smileys don’t work in disqus either

  • Robert Neff

    This is another one of those laws that you have to wonder on just how they are going to enforce; something like the recent law requiring everyone to wear a seat belt – even passengers in taxis. According to one of my Korean friends, there is a lot of concern in regards to the chips being used in the dogs. Again, according to him, the chips that have been used in the past have rusted (or something similar to that) and have caused the dogs to become very ill and, supposedly, die. I have no qualms with chipping my dogs as long as it is safe. According to the article – chipping is not required – only registration.

  • yuna_at_marmotshole

    Exactly Robert Neff, I also thought of the seatbelt rules.
    Also, I think the chipping causing a dog to die, (I also read about it) it’s more to do with the haphazard substand way Koreans do things (undercutting proper material and surgery procedure by non qualified people) than the actual simple procedure itself. That time when I read the article it reminded me of the Korean madcow scare. Unscientific facts paraded as scientific by those with agenda (I’m thinking those who don’t want the procedure enforced for whatever persoanal/monetary reasons)

  • Craash beck

    I am for real… Chlorofoam is how they used to put pets to sleep before the 1950″s.

    It’s very quick and painless.

    I was wrong – carbon monoxide is supposed to be also painless…

    I was thinking of death by carbon dioxide.- thats the one that is extremely painful and

    feels like your lungs are on fire.

  • yuna_at_marmotshole

    you mean chloroFORM?