Following the comment made by J.Hodges who linked to a video to help find a missing dog (the reason I linked to my own comment and not to J.Hodges’s directly is that I cannot find on this horrendous Disshite thing how to find the link to the comment, apart from clicking on the recent comments and cut-and-pasting the web address, any ideas?) I came across a good piece of news in the Korea Times, albeit the English article and its Korean counterpart not matching in its content.

The gist is that South Korea is trying to put in place a pet (dog) registration system from next year to prevent abandoned pets.

However, I found something strange while quickly skimming the article. Unlike the article in English, the Korean article next to it
1.does not mention “Seoul City government, nor does it say the system only applies to dogs in Seoul
2.specifically talks about pet dogs, whereas the English article just says “pets”
3.The fine for non-registration, when found, in the English article says “upto 400,000 won ~400 USD”, whereas the Korean article states upto 1,000,000 (1000 USD).

It’s funny because actucally after watching the missing dog video, I had been talking off-line about this, how my dog is microchipped and with a passport etc. and somebody half-seriously asked if one eats a microchipped dog would he/she be walking around with a number. I don’t think so, I think he/she would shit microchip.

Anyway, as I commented in the Open Thread, this just highlights yet another logical fallacy and incompatible nature of legalizing dogmeat industry in a country which is trying to come to grips with dealing more of its population having pet dogs and cats as family.

correction update: I don’t know if it was me who failed to spot or they fixed the piece up, but I now find that in the Korean translation does specifically mention Seoul City as the ones bringing in the measures. Apologies.