Korean-Australians are apparently wondering what all the fuss in the Korean media is all about:

Once my colleague in Seoul alerted me, it didn’t take much digging to find out more, and be invited along to film Korean community leaders in Sydney holding “crisis talks” to decide what to do.

That is to say, what to do about the Korean media coverage, not the attacks themselves.

Because Korean-Australians think the Korean media is making a mountain of a mole-hill: adding a racial element to what are mostly random acts of violence. They want to get an alternative message out: that, despicable though the isolated attacks have been, they’re mostly random not racial.

That Australia is safe for Koreans.

To be fair, the people being talked to have an economic interest in downplaying any problems. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t right.

If this is much ado about nothing, it begs the question—what bone does the Korean media (or at least certain quarters of it) have to pick with Australia? Or is it just an attempt to drum up readership?

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