Hey, at least multiracial kids might be better at sport

In the Korea Times, Asian Friends president Jimmy the Greek Kim Jun-sik explains why multiracial children might make better athletes:

Kim Jun-sik, president of Asian Friends, notes that “the so-called mixed-blood hybrids” tend to have better physical features compared to those with a “pure blood” lineage.

“Biologically, children from an interracial marriage have an advantage as seen from world famous stars as former NFL football player Hines Ward, born to an African American father and Korean mother,” he said.

Kim said that multiracial children should not feel ashamed of their ethnic identity for not having “pure Korean blood,” which some xenophobes often mention even though it is based on a myth.

I can only hope Islander scouts are paying notice.

  • KoreaWTF

    In Korea there’s an ugly truth – multiracial children, especially ones with darker skin tones are societal outcasts and severely discriminated upon. So much so that 4 out 5 of them drop out of high school due to racial bullying, and the system is designed to work against them. But the Korean Media loves to ride the coattails of mixed Koreans when it’s convenient and self-serving for Korea. The latest is Super Action TVs UFC promo that embraces Benson Henderson’s Black-Korean lineage, it’s loaded with hypocrisy. If a Korean was walking with his/her biracial kids they would get stares of disapproval, and maybe even spit upon (e.g. Hines Wards’ mom). But win a Super Bowl MVP or UFC Championship, and all is forgiven, these mixed-blooded stars become as Korean as Kimchi and the plights of all these multiracial kids are overshadowed by Korean gimmicks to lay claims that they are “their champions” and coattail riding ensues. Props to Hines Ward who redirected his new found Korean fame to start a charity to actually help these kids, and not tell them the only shot you have at life is sports.

  • Canadianguy

    Multiracial kids are bullied incessantly…Bullies learn it from their parents. Ethnic nationalism is a plague. Besides, as if Koreans aren’t hybrids themselves. It’s not a coincidence that Koreans are generally bigger than the Japanese. Japan never was successfully invaded by the Mongolians.

  • bballi

    This myth of “hybrids” having better physical features is as racist as saying “blacks” are more athletic but “whites” are smarter athletes. It is ridiculous, and that is the only thing pure about it.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Yes, while correcting reporters who claimed that Hines Ward’s visit to Korea a couple of years ago wasn’t his first since he left as a kid, his mother mentioned that people spat at him when he had come to Korea for his grandmother’s funeral a few years before he became famous.

    My wife participates in the meetings at the centre for multicultural families (she’s Korean, but I’m not) and she said that at the last meeting, a mother told the group the heartbreaking story of how her son has been bullied for three years by the other kids at his school and how he has no friends. For three years, can you imagine?

  • SomeguyinKorean

    Yes, an example of Eugenics mumbo-jumbo at its finest.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Correction, they claimed his visit was his first…

  • Madar

    There is a deep seeded raciest type belief here. It’s not true racism, as I have a friend who runs a North Korean refugee center, and they get it as bad as anyone from an undeveloped Asian nation. Most Koreans can’t even fathom it as racism(ish) or off, as it is so natural and unquestioned here that they can really see it and if they do they assume it is just a natural state of being. This article, that would destroy the man’s career as head of “Asian Friends” almost anywhere else, perfectly illustrates the point. Korea changes really, really fast, so hopefully this will be a thing of the past soon, (like seeing people openly pissing and hit their wives on the street in the 1990’s has gone the way of the dodo.) If not, when my kid runs into this, sadly that will be the end of my time in Korea.

  • HSchmidt

    Articles like these by the Korea Times is why I don’t read the Korea Times anymore.

    The Korea Times is filled with rubbish like this racist article. Multiracial people are better at sports? At least quote a damn scientific study to support your stupid theory. If you can’t then you’re just using your bias.

    I can provide many examples of non-multiracial people who excel in sports more than multiracial people. People aren’t stupid enough to be fooled by a retarded article like this. This article is an insult to people’s intelligence.