• General

    That’s just mean….the driver of the car is just going to cause a larger accident.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Using his car as a weapon against the guy in the scooter? That’s criminal and grounds for a good beating.

  • http://twitter.com/HubOfErik Erik Cornelius

    I get pissed off at these guys when I’m driving, too, but I’m not going to try to kill them. They do a good enough job of trying to take themselves out of the gene pool.

  • http://atlantarofters.blogspot.com The Sanity Inspector

    I had one of those come zooming out of an alley as I was walking down the sidewalk in Gwangju, one time.

  • Bob Bobbs

    That sounds good, someguy, if there were a realistic chance of the police either caring or being able to do something meaningful about it. Vigilantism in a country without laws is a rational response to antagonistic behaviour.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    This is stupid, and Bob, you’re a moron. I’m pretty certain the guy in the car has done his share of breaking the rules of the road. I do agree that the police need to smarten up and start enforcing the law but cheering on criminal behavior? I drive, but I also cycle, and I see more than my fair share of morons like this guy in the white car. 5 minutes later he probably made it a point to accelerate from 20 to 100km/h just to block a guy from changing into his lane.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    I’m not talking about the motorists beating him up but the scooter driver letting him have it. If I were driving a scooter and someone tried to kill me, I wouldn’t let it slide.

  • que337

    The motorist delivery guy is yangban. This BMW driver is worse:


  • Bob Bobbs

    I’ll do what I do while you wait for the Korean police to save your behind, Salaryman.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    I bet you dont even drive. Ive been driving here for 10 years. Not an accident in that time. I don’t need my ass saved, I know how to drive without having to resort to being a menace with criminal intent.

  • Madar

    Too many of these delivery guys are young 16 year old-ish, kids, with a sense of immortality and no drivers license. I was at a cop shop when someone came in asking about a friend who took off on a scooter and was waaay late in returning. He asked if there were any serious scooter accidents in the Gu that day, and the cop said, “sure there are several every day.” They need to have these drivers get licenses and/or be older, and enforce it. Sure it might raise your food delivery price a bit, but it would be worth it. And don’t get me started on road rage here!

  • Bob Bobbs

    I drove in Korea for 5 years; yes, I had an accident. Criminal intent? That only matters if there is a legal system. There isn’t, so screw it.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    But there IS a legal system. The only issue is with weak enforcement.