Don’t worry—the comments will eventually reappear.

The comments haven’t been erased.

They’re just being imported into Disqus. It’s a lot of comments, so it takes time.

  • Craash Beck

    I realize you have changed things to try to get more people to write on here – but its as simple as removing people who continually pick on, make fun off, and write bad things about other people. Oh! just wait – they are your most “favored” people on here.

    (really they are scaring other people off from posting).

  • Ciao

    Didn’t we do this whole experiment already and you said disqus was out and now it’s back in? Thanks but no thanks. My last comment and trip here.

  • ciao

    and already tossing comments you don’t like.. classy.. real classy.

  • Bobby McGill

    The jury is out on Disqus, but I think the new layout looks awesome, RK.

  • Jeff Harris

    Read the message posted under the title, bozo.

  • Jieun K


    This PageLines theme is nice. Best of all, it uses the same font as before. Keep it. Please.

  • Jieun K

    The comments haven’t been erased.

    Blockquote testing…

  • imememememe

    if you’re too scared to chime in, then you’re the only one who’s stopping you. quit blaming others and grow a pair.

  • ciao

    It was about comments on this post, not the other comments, bozo. The first comment I posted was there, and when I backed out and returned to the page it was suddenly gone. Looked like someone was trying to scrub dissenting opinion. A few minutes later after posting this, it returned.

  • Guest

    my pair is much bigger than yours – peewee!