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    I… would choose K-pop over flesh eating zombies, but that’s just me.

  • http://koreanlanguagenotes.blogspot.com/ gbevers

    She forgot to mention Japan’s recovery of Takeshima.

  • http://vmphotography.com.au hoju_saram

    I… would choose K-pop over flesh eating zombies, but that’s just me.

    It’s a toss-up for me. Just kidding.

    Seriously though, Australia doesn’t need more bad press in Korea at the moment, so soon after raaaacist-bullshit-gate.

  • Q

    She forgot to mention that Japan’s claim on Dokdo is not supported by academic scholars of authority, but at best propagandized by Texas Sugar Daddy gbevers and crazy right wing Japanese politicians:

    Japanese LDP politicians said rape victims ‘asking for it’:


    Japanese LDP lawmaker sees gang rapists as `close to normal’:


  • αβγδε

    Who else is thinking Gillard is hawt? That’s one ass-bangable Prime Minister, yo.

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936


    Only if that means that Japan’s possession of such island causes the end of the world…

  • CactusMcHarris

    Are you kidding me, Holers? For a leader, she’s totally hot, and you’ve got the red hair chile aspect to consider yet, too.

  • CactusMcHarris

    I don’t like the non-numbered system, but I agree with WK, at least insofar as Captain Dokdo retires and comments solely from there on the comfort women and learning Koreans better Korean.

  • Jashin Densetsu

    she’s a carpet muncher isn’t she?

  • http://vmphotography.com.au hoju_saram

    She’s an Unmarried Childless Atheist, for those who think such things matter. Her boyfriend is routinely referred to as The First Bloke.

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936

    IMHO atheists need to be educated and intelligent. If not, then they end up saying and thinking some very strange things, almost more stranger than what religious people say and think.

  • Jashin Densetsu


    you mean her beard, right bro? her “boyfriend” is a gay hairdresser. you guys should call him “The First Fairy”.

  • Cloud

    Someone is bored and having fun with html again.
    @WangKoon936 What strange things do atheists say that could possibly be stranger than what religious people believe?

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936


    Like not knowing who the fathers of modern skepticism were such as Descartes, Rousseau and John Locke. Talking like they know what philosophy is without actually knowing anything about it and replacing knowledge with naked and unrationale fear and disdain for religion buy masking said disdain with “unemotional analysis” and dogma. So, not so different from religious people after all.

  • αβγδε

    Well, if you think about it, all religions are the result of atheist ramblings, right? As in, we’re all atheists in the womb. And when you make a religion, you’re an atheist before you are an adherent of the very faith you fabricated in the first place.

    Anyway, Dillard seems quite cool. Atheist too. That’s a huge plus. You see a lot of this sort of irreligious opennesss in Western nations outside of the USA. It should be the USA leading this charge of Enlightenment. But no, we’re always being held back by the mega rich conglomerates and their hillbilly Christian bumpkin hoard.

    – Frustrating sure, but I’m glad Christianity is declining finally, even here in America. Let us hope now that South Korea catches up. For if they copy-cat Americans for anything- or everything- we can expect that they will copy-cat Americans for our atheism too. …Let the church attendance decline, let the pastors be poor, let them start paying taxes too. That’s the way it should be.

  • que337

    The end of the world seems coming, indeed. An hour ago, M7.3 earthquake offshore North Japan, Tsunami warning:


    Workers are now evacuating from tsunami:


  • hoju_saram

    Meanwhile, in China…

    I’m starting to wonder if the Chinese understand parody.