North Korean Assassin Tools

A North Korean assassin tool for backshootersCNN has an interesting video report of the assassin tools that were confiscated from a North Korean agent that was attempting to meet defector and anti-North Korea activist, Park Sang-hak, so as to kill him.  The stealthy weapons include several poison pens and a flashlight that hold three bullets, tipped with poison.  What strikes me as odd is that the assassin was given four years in jail and ordered to pay 11.75 million won ($10,399) in fines by a South Korean court for his part in this assassination attempt.  Much thanks to Cory Doctorow for this link.

The video link is here.

  • Flyingsword K

    He must have said he was drunk when he became a nK agent…..everyone knows in Korea all is forgiven if you 1. are Korean & 2. drunk at the time you commit your crime.

  • madar

    Your forgetting, it’s 4 years in jail and go back to North Korea as a failure and start real jail time; or stay in South Korea as a trator where you will no longer be a threat. Sounds good enough.

  • CactusMcHarris

    In addition to the jail, getting a fine for an assassination attempt – that’s sooooo Confucian?

    And I’ve got a garden spade which doubles as a halberd. Do you think they’d be interested?