KoAm suing after wrongful conviction for threatening bank official’s life

Michael Chung is a very angry man:

The feds claim he’s a member of a movement that shuns government authority.

But now reputed “Sovereign Citizen” Michael Chung is ready to use the court system he supposedly disavows to strike back, after he was jailed for making a death threat against a bank official.
Now, Chung is ready to wage a legal assault against the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI by filing a lawsuit alleging malicious prosecution. Chung spent nearly three months in jail after prosecutors argued he was leading a “quiet war” against the government, making him unfit for bail.

Chung was accused of sending a threatening letter to a bank officer to wipe out his home equity loan, warning of his Second Amendment rights to use “deadly force to protect my interests as a national citizen.”

Now, you’d think this and his alleged ties to the “Sovereign citizen movement” would be enough to get him labeled a “Tea Party” guy. Can’t seem to find anyone shouting “Tea Party,” though. Odd.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Tea Party has evolved into a statist movement. They do not oppose the State, all they want is lower taxes.

  • http://bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    In the fantasy version of the Tea Party advanced by the Democratic Party and our lying media, the Tea Party is dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government. At the same time, they have constructed a narrative that the Tea Party is racist. Michael Chung is non-white, yet seems to be at war with the US government (also untrue). I’m not surprised they don’t quite know how to spin Michael Chung yet.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    The Tea party sold out. At the beginning they were inspired by the likes of Ron Paul. Now, they are leaning more towards Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

  • bumfromkorea

    I’d say it’s the libertarians/fiscon’s fantasy that Tea Party was ever anything else but the manufactured political machine of the “Fox Republicans”. The GOP was already dead to them, but the new surge of Tea Party movement gave them false hope that maybe their party will start reflecting their views.

    For fuck’s sake, just break off, join the Libertarian Party, and make American politics a three-way. Always more interesting than a boring one-on-one.

  • Wedge

    It’s pretty simple: The narrative says tea partiers are racists. Only people in power, i.e. whites, can be racists. Ergo, this guy is not a tea partier.

  • dogbertt

    The “sovereign citizen” movement predates the “tea party” by decades and frankly, is far nuttier.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Why is it nutty?

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Why is it nutty?