Michael Chung is a very angry man:

The feds claim he’s a member of a movement that shuns government authority.

But now reputed “Sovereign Citizen” Michael Chung is ready to use the court system he supposedly disavows to strike back, after he was jailed for making a death threat against a bank official.
Now, Chung is ready to wage a legal assault against the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI by filing a lawsuit alleging malicious prosecution. Chung spent nearly three months in jail after prosecutors argued he was leading a “quiet war” against the government, making him unfit for bail.

Chung was accused of sending a threatening letter to a bank officer to wipe out his home equity loan, warning of his Second Amendment rights to use “deadly force to protect my interests as a national citizen.”

Now, you’d think this and his alleged ties to the “Sovereign citizen movement” would be enough to get him labeled a “Tea Party” guy. Can’t seem to find anyone shouting “Tea Party,” though. Odd.