• SalarymaninSeoul

    The War on Prostitution is just as stupid as the War on Drugs. There are some funny things in this article.

    “The number of tourists from China and Japan has been increasing drastically and many of them are forced to stay at hotels in the outskirts of Seoul because of the lack of hotel rooms.”

    Supply and demand. if you want to stay downtown, be prepared to pay. The brothels are obviously paying above the market rate, and so the hotel, like any business, should be allow to charge a price it wants to: usually one that clears the market and in this instance that price is paid by the brothels. I see no problem here, these are adults engaging in voluntary exchange of a service.

    “According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the shortage of hotel rooms in the capital district was estimated at 8,000 but an increasing number of hotels are apparently giving up their fundamental purpose of existence for some quick money.”

    Hasnt providing a place to have sex always been one of the very fundamental purposes of hotels/motels?

  • Avaast

    “There have been complaints about poor signage in foreign languages and low quality of service at some hotels but adding sex trade to the menu is simply going too far, they said.”

    I agree, putting it on the menus is a bit brash.

  • slim

    The “turning” takes place each night at dusk.

  • R. Elgin

    Per #3, yes, same thing at spas – night and early morning service.

  • http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.com/ jefferyhodges

    The editors meant that “Hotels [are always] turning into centers for sex trade” . . . sort of how my kids are always leaving their dirty socks on the floor.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • Wedge

    I’m as shocked as Captain Renault to find out this is happening in hotels.

  • R. Elgin

    Hummm, I forgot I had sent a letter of enquiry to the Ramada Seoul Hotel (Gangnam), back in September, as to why the prosecutor’s office in Seoul had shut them down (prostitution), saying “I was curious why the Ramada Seoul Hotel has been closed recently. I heard that the hotel has a problem with the prosecutor’s office here in Seoul over prostitution being run out of the hotel.” and they replied:

    Dear X,

    Thank you for contacting Ramada Reservations.

    Please contact the hotel directly regarding your request. I apologize, I do not have that information.

    Count on me,

    Internet Specialist
    Wyndham Hotel Group
    Phone: 800-272-6232
    Fax: 888-565-7707

    Good dodge

  • http://bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    Your email went to a centralized customer-service center. Wyndham Hotel Group franchises, but does not directly operate, hundreds of properties worldwide. Do you really expect that call-center people have information about each property’s individual legal entanglements?

    It’s like writing McDonalds’ Chicago headquarters to find out why the Gangnam Station McDonalds doesn’t serve McDonaldland Cookies.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    BC, as you noted, Wyndham Hotel Group no longer owns but now franchises the Ramada International chain. Do you see the Ramada Seoul getting stripped of its franchise?

    (BTW, this is the first I’ve heard of this story, but why-oh-why am I as shocked as that gay French guy when he found there was gambling in Casablanca?)

  • Anonymous_Joe

    @8, I probably should not have asked you @9. Feel free to skip if it brings any conflicts.