Normally I try to keep my coverage of Korean politics somewhat high-brow, but this painting is just too good not to share. No need to describe it — the picture is literally worth a thousand words here:

The painting, by artist Hong Seong-dam, is titled: “Golden Time – Dr. Choi In-hyeok salutes his newborn excellency”. The painting is on display at the Peace Museum in Jongno, as a part of the installation titled Portraits of Yushin. (You can check out other arts in the installation on the Peace Museum’s website.)

Obviously, Park’s camp is not (ahem) a happy camper for this. The camp issued a statement that called the painting a “reckless negative campaign with the election being only 30 days away.” The statement also said: “The painting, realistically depicting as if candidate Park is giving birth, does not only demean women but cause many citizens to feel ashamed.  . . . Art must remain art, and if it is out of the art’s realm if it becomes a tool of political propaganda. This is reminiscent of Goebbels of the Nazis.”

More reminiscent of Park Chung-hee of South Korea, actually.