I don’t know exactly what is going on in the naked guy chasing police video, but it’s pretty damn funny. And I don’t know which is more amusing, the fact that the guy is chasing police in the buff, or that the cops are retreating rather than tackling him.

On second thought, they can’t be paying these guys nearly enough to tackle naked maniacs in the countryside.

It’s circulating on Facebook and you can enjoy it here. Judging by the 25-second clip, it was apparently a bit chilly that day.

In other news and because I am too busy (read lazy) to write two separate posts, General James Thurman, the commander of the United Forces in Korea, has been officially given a Korean name.

Now, in casual conversation over cocktails and Petraeus jokes, you can refer to him as “Seo Min Jae.”

I am uncertain if it is a popular way to address the waiter when dining in Korea, but it means “a person who serves people well.”

As far as Korean second names go, it’s not nearly as cool as President Obama’s “O Han-ma” or Condie Rice’s “Na I-su,” which sounds quite similar to the popular, though possibly unrelated catchphrase, “nice-uh” that pervades the expat lexicon.

Hillary Clinton didn’t fare too well with her K-monikor, which dubbed her “Han Hui-suk.” Considering how most Americans would pronounce it,ย  feel free to proceed with your Monica Lewinsky jokes.