So, there has been an interesting development (article in English) in the exciting run up to the South Korean presidential election, namely that the independent candidate who had agreed to join forces with Moon Jaein (DUP, aka Minju dang) has pulled out.
We don’t know what rattled his feathers exactly, but according to Joongang(in Korean) some in the DUP (not Moon) might have been responsible for dirty tricks of spreading “false rumours” such as that Ahn is about yield.
In an interview with Hankyoreh Ahn also points to the fact that he feels Minju stuck in its old ways, and there is a communication block to Moon on what is going on within the party.

Moon has been trying to woo him back with apologies, but it’s not cutting it for the moment.

I think it’s a strategic move. I have been upset also with the way the polls are all over the show , when, in the end, it is the only tangible thing that Ahn can rely on as he is not of the party. If you try to follow the poll numbers (even with a huge pinch of salt) there are some funny, unexplained fluctuations depending on the case scenario. This seems to be prominent especially in the way Ahn always seems to be ahead of Moon in popularity in a three way between Ahn, Moon and Park, but Moon catches up, or becomes more popular in a case between just Ahn and Moon.
I agree in particular with this interpretation in the way that Moon may gain “false support” from Park supporters who fear Ahn as the rival.
So what do you think? A petulant child or a strategic time-out?
I know at least two votes for the former already.

Update:I found quite a good Joongang opinion piece on the issue

The contenders have to clear the fog they have created as soon as possible. There can’t be many countries in the world in which voters don’t know their presidential candidates 33 days before the election

and here is one of my first ever comments on this issue. Shall I set up with a 돗자리 totjari? (straw mat)? i.e. fortune telling.