Okay, I realize that this blog is not a hot bed of Korean entertainment news and gossip like Eat Your Kimchi, Soompi or AllKpop, but given that almost nothing is sacred to this blog’s core audience, I couldn’t help posting this little bit of news.  I don’t know how many of you know of IU, (Lee Ji-eun or 이지은) but she’s basically K-pop’s version of Moon Geun-young.  You know, the cute little girl who can be anyone’s daughter, little sister or niece.  Well, that image of IU may be shattered forever.

For whatever reason, IU decided to tweet the photo above which shows an apparently shirtless Eunhyuk of Super Junior with IU in her pajamas.  The nappy hair, sleepy expressions and prone position of the subjects have raised speculation that IU and Eunhyuk slept together.  The picture in Twitter was quickly taken down in two minutes, but not fast enough for other people to copy the pic and circulate it around the world with a lot of speculation that the two had sex.

What does IU’s camp say?  They said that Eunhyuk and IU are “good friends” and that Eunhyuk had visited IU at her home when she was “sick.”  The photo was taken on IU’s “sofa.”  Yeah, well regardless of what the truth may be, that’s about what I expected they would say.

So, some of you may ask what’s the big deal?  Well, from a Western context there shouldn’t be a big deal.  Celebrities sleep with celebrities all the time, even ones who were former Disney Mouseketeers.  However, this is Korea and if a singer has a virtuous and virginal image while in the limelight then it better not change in the shadows either.  At the very least, it better stay in the shadows.  There is talk that this has either ruined or severely curtailed IU’s career.