Another racist attack on a Korean in Hojustan. From the Chosun Ilbo:

A Korean man studying in Australia says he lost a finger in a racially motivated attack there and was also abused by local police.

The 33-year-old man, identified only by his last name Jang, reported to the Korean Consulate in Melbourne that he fell victim to a knife attack by a group of teenagers on Nov. 5 while walking through a park near his home with a Korean friend.

He said the teenagers asked him for a cigarette, and when he refused started assaulting him and shouting, “Fucking Chinese.”

And one of them cut off his finger with a knife, Jang said. He said police only arrested one of them and let the others go.

The English version didn’t mention the race of the attackers, which made me wonder. White kids? Vietnamese? Lebanese? Fortunately, the Korean version makes it very clear from the headline—it was a bunch of white kids.

Anyway, Jang felt the local constabulary did not take his case seriously, but since the incident went public, police have pledged to reinvestigate. The Victoria state government has also agreed to pay him damages.