Well, there you have it. Moon Jae-in and Ahn Cheol-soo finally held a much-anticipated summit meeting, unattended by any other handlers. They came out of the meeting with an agreement to unite their candidacy, with seven specific points of agreement. Probably the most important is that they will produce a single candidate by November 25, the deadline for registration of the candidates.

Of course, NFP did not take this kindly, calling the agreement “an array of decorative words that cover up a backroom deal for a political purpose of winning the presidential election.”

The next step for Moon and Ahn camps would be to agree on the precise methodology of a “primary”. Moon’s camp is known to favor a more structured system — e.g. some combination of survey, designated representatives, etc. — as Moon can mobilize the DUP faithful in a more organized manner. Ahn’s camp, on the other hand, favors a survey, to reflect Ahn’s higher general popularity. In fact, Ahn showcased an impeccable sense of timing when he proposed a meeting — with less than three weeks until Nov. 25, there likely will be not enough time for the camps to run a more structured unification process.