Osaka court finds a man who harrassed Kim Taehee/Rote guilty

A Japanese man who harrassed and threatened the pharmaceutical company wanting to hire Kim Taehee for their CM as well as the actress herself, was found guilty in an Osaka court and sentenced to 1 year in prison and 3 years probation.
This all came about during the time Kim Taehee appeared in a Japanese drama “Boku to Star no 99 nichi” in which she plays a Korean actress who falls in love with a Japanese bodyguard, a cute enough drama if you can stand her Korean accent when she speaks Japanese. Oh, where was 西島秀俊 when she actually needed him?

특히 일부 시위 참가자는 “반일 여배우 김태희는 일본에 오지마라!”며 “(김태희가) 일본에 오면 죽이겠다”고 과격한 발언을 해 충격을 줬다

Especially apt as the (real-life) protesters chanted “Do not come to Japan! Anti-Japanese actress Kim Taehee! If you come (to Japan) we will kill you!”
BTW, the drama has a great OST, Time Travel, a cover of a Shinji Harada original by the band Spitz.

From the article:

미요시는 지난 3월2일 로트제약을 방문해 담당자에게 “김태희는 다케시마(독도)를 한국령이라고 선전하는 반일 활동가다”라고 항의했다. 당시 미요시는 김태희의 CM기용에 대한 견해를 요구하고 다케시마는 일본의 영토라는 답변을 강요했다.

The man found guilty, Miyoshi(39,unemployed), visited Rote Pharmaceuticals and complained that “Kim Taehee” is an anti-Japanese activist who campaigns that Takeshima belongs to Korea, and pressed for confirmation from the person in charge whether”Takeshima belongs to Japan”.

I am quite surprised that the court found him guilty. I think he is entitled to express his views, and this might add oil to the fire.

  • bballi bballi Paradise

    39, unemployed,… shocking

  • Bendrix

    He’s entitled to express his views but I think he crossed the line if he showed up in person to harass and threaten the company and the actress. One year in prison does seem pretty harsh though.

  • Q

    Yes, Takeshima is Japanese territory and Dokdo is Korean territory:

  • jkitchstk

    In her red dress Wiki pic it looks like she’s wearing a couple tubes of BBcream and another tube of something else.

  • Adams-awry

    “and the actress herself was found guilty in an Osaka court”

    Lern too right.

  • yuna

    Fair enough. Changed, with “as well as” and a comma thrown in, for good measure.
    From: Yuna, eats shoots and leaves.

  • enomoseki

    Where gbevers? I think they arrested his right wing japan friend.

  • Charles Tilly

    This guy’s a fucking idiot. He was bitching about the wrong stuff. He should’ve bitched about the fact that 김태희’s a blah actress getting too many damn commercial gigs.

  • Robert Koehler

    You forgot to mention she might have big feet, too:

  • Q

    I would not blame she had unshaved armpits in a commercial:

    As far as I remember, shaking armpit was introduced into SK quite recently. My mother still does not shave her armpit.

  • CactusMcHarris

    #6 Yuna,

    You’ve read that. What did you think? Are there any geeky blogs for Korean (other this this one, my main squeeze) which are similar to the book?


    As Asians have less hair, perhaps that’s not so needed as say, a woman of southern European extraction.

  • CactusMcHarris

    #11 addendum

    ‘As Asians generally have….’ – sorry for the generalization by Whitey.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Who cares if KTH is a bad actress? She is a highly commercial personality and a good spokesperson for whatever she chooses to endorse. Thats why she gets so many commercial opportunities. And there is nothing wrong with any part of her, her feet included.

  • Jakgani

    “Do not come to Japan! ………… If you come (to Japan) we will kill you!”

    His mistake worthy of prison – is that he threatened to kill her.

    One year incarceration is fine – for an idiot who threatens killing – but doesn’t follow through.

  • enomoseki

    “Come to japan and we will kill you!”

    Hahahha! these japanese makes korean right wingers blush.