So, this is another political coverage (the toilet version). There is a common Korean expression (not very ladylike) 똥줄 탄다, and indeed this might be the sentiment of the people quietly hoping for something good to happen in the coming presidential election. I’m referring to impatience felt at the dithering that is happening in merging the two opposition candidates.

Whereas Moon has been doing everything to hurry things up (apart from giving up the top position), Ahn has been keeping relatively mum saying “he would like to concentrate on presenting policies by the 10th, as promised”.
Well, he’s done them, just as our collective 똥줄 was about to disappear.

At least, in the environment sector, he is going to
1. Stop building new nuclear power plants
2. Increase the proportion of renewable energy to 6 percent by the year 2017
3. No more building of new coal power stations, and halt the running of nuclear power plants and fire-powered plants at the end of their designed lifetime.
4. Through investigation into the (botched) 4 rivers project, he will look into restoring the marshlands, removing the hastily created large artificial reservoirs.
There is more to come, I am sure.

The next bit belongs to opinion/personal aside
When I discussed the two candidates with my father more than a couple of months ago, he dismissed Ahn as a candidate, and when pressed for a reason, just said – “Ah, but he has no political experience” in that handwaving ajossi-like manner. Usually my father is wrong.

Ahn reminds me of a diligent boy doing his homework by the deadline. He felt like he had to actually come up with some policies before (aw, bless him) the political strutting about to win the election. Well, if this is what having no political experience results in, hurrah! All the better!

Finally, here is what we discussed earlier. I am usually a little reluctant to link to survey results (I think they are opinion forming, and sometimes varies a lot) but it’s still interesting to note the breakdown of the number of possible “defectors” or “abstainees” in case of each scneario (with Moon or Ahn at the top).