At least the people in Yeoncheon will know how much Kim Jong-un sucks

Launching leaflets by balloon into North Korea may not be as effective as you might think:

Lee Min-bok, a North Korean defector and activist who has sent such leaflets to the regime for 13 years, said that balloons mostly tend to blow toward the northwestern regions of South Korea due to the winds and fail to get across the border.

“The Imjin Pavilion is the worst place to send balloons to the North,” Lee said. “Even in summer, winds near the Imjin Pavilion mostly blow from the southwest, so most balloons end up in cities [in South Korea] to the east, such as Pocheon, Yeoncheon and Cheolwon.”

Speaking of North Koreans, there were rumors earlier about Kim Jong-nam wanting to defect to the South. Looks like they’re just that—rumors.

  • Jakgani

    Those lucky people in Pocheon, Yeoncheon and Cheolwon, always getting free socks, candy and $1 american bills.

  • hamel

    아니 땐 굴뚝은 아니다

  • Craash Beck

    I have decided move my business further up North and will set up in Yeoncheon. I’ll be moving there in early 2013.