And in Palisades Park:

A Korean civic group says a memorial dedicated to the memory of women forced into sexual slavery during World War II was defaced on Friday.

The group, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) said in a statement that the “comfort women” memorial was “defiled with a stake by an unidentified perpetrator.” Police were notified and are conducting an investigation, the statement said.

Why yes, it appears to be the work of Nobuyuki Suzuki, the guy who tied a stake to the comfort women memorial in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul earlier this year. You’ve got to give the fucker credit—at least he’s persistent.

Also on the New Jersey front, Bergen County is planning to erect its own comfort women memorial:

Officials announced over the weekend that a memorial to Korean “comfort women” — who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese soldiers during WWII — will be placed outside the Bergen County courthouse.

The monument, paying tribute to the estimated 200,000 victims of the practice, will be placed inside the county’s “Ring of Honor,” which includes memorials for the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide and the Irish “Great Hunger.”

New Jersey is famous for tomatoes, smokestacks, auto theft and, of course, Kalmuck Mongolian Buddhist Center.