Professor Cho Kuk gets lovecalls from the DUP candidate Moon Jaein.

Professor Cho was invited to take parts in various events and public discussions organized by Moon’s camp, as well as being suggested as a “middleman” for the overseeing of the merging to Ahn’s camp who subsequently refused the idea and that role has been left unfilled.

I have said in the past that the fact that both Ahn Chulsu and Moon Jaein are so head-to-head in their popularity is a bit worrying in the sense of delaying the unifying of the opposition in the presidential election.
Well, my idol Cho Kuk agrees that there is no time for “round table meeting” and has suggested that the only way forward is for the two candidates to get together with relevant specialists. He is also that worried about botching up the best opportunity we have had in a long while, i.e. having half-decent representation of the progressive/left.

It is said that even his appearance alone at these events along with Moon could bolster Moon’s popularity. So far, Cho has kept relatively silent and neutral about the direction of his support (he’s criticized a couple of Ahn’s policy suggestions, though this could mean that he actually supports Ahn more, coming from a man of his character).

Moon probably would like to see himself as the President, Cho Kuk as his Prime Minister, and Ahn in one of the minister closets.

As much as I like both Cho and Ahn, they don’t seem to fit so well together my picture as being two peas in the same political pod, maybe they are too similar (age?) and both professors from SNU.

Here is the summary news about the race in English for the Korean-challenged.