A person identifying himself/herself as a “parent of a student at Fukuoka University” has penned an angry letter to Incheon City Council’s planning and administration committee, reports Ye Olde Chosun.

The letter asked the council, which among other things runs the University of Incheon, to reveal what happened to two Fukuoka University professors during an August visit to Korea for an “international exchange event to experience Korean culture” (attended by the two profs and 20 students).

According to the email, two University of Incheon professors took their two Japanese counterparts to dinner in Songdo, after which they had drinks at a nearby entertainment establishment. At this establishment, the University of Incheon professors made the Japanese professors sing and dance with two female employees for about an hour.

Oh, the humanity.

The Japanese professors reportedly refused several times, but the Korean professors insisted.

The email said, “Don’t the University of Incheon professors misunderstand the meaning of entertaining guests? Their actions were indiscreet for an adult, showed no distinction between public and private, and could be thought of as insulting to Japanese. Can you use public funds for something like that so easily in Korea? It’s something that could never happen in Japan and a crime. It’s something that could never be tolerated, either rationally or ethically.”

The parent asked Incheon City Council to reveal what happened and prevent a recurrence for better exchanges in the future, for the University of Incheon and, above all, for the children.

About the incident, the University of Incheon explained the Korean professors took their Japanese counterparts as a personal courtesy rather than part of the official events and paid with their own money. The university did say it would pay greater attention in the future so that things like this didn’t happen again.

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