In an exclusive, Ye Olde Chosun is reporting that Seoul’s Finest have found 16 websites promoting Korean prostitution to Japanese. The operators of five have been caught and are being investigation; police are looking for the operators of the rest.

The sites basically provide a wealth of information on the various forms of prostitution in Korea. Users trade info and post their experiences. One lovely fellow even wrote that one working girl got very angry when he asked her in Korean, “How does it feel to have sold herself to Japanese, who invaded her homeland?” Classy.

Some prof at Konkuk University told the Chosun that these sites could give Japanese reason to disrespect Korea. They needed to be shut down as they have people a distorted view of Korea, he said.

David Batstone, a San Francisco University professor and head of the non-profit group “Not For Sale,” said during a July visit to Korea that while women in developing countries often engage in prostitution to make money, Korea was an odd case since prostitution was prevalent despite Korea’s high per capita income.