Wow. From i09 (HT to reader):

The most dazzling aspect of Cloud Atlas is probably the vision of near-future Korea, the city of Neo-Seoul. Glittery and dystopian, Neo-Seoul sits next to the sunken ruins of the original Seoul, with slums side by side with shining ribbons and flying cars.

But if anything, the original concept art for Neo-Seoul looks even cooler. Check out an exclusive look, right here. And you should definitely click to enlarge these images, which look best at full screen. (Minor spoilers below.)

Sadly, though, I don’t really see much of Seoul in Neo-Seoul. Which, to be fair, is probably accurate—given the way they redevelop around here, I doubt there will be much of old Seoul left in 2044, let along 2144.

On a positive note, it’s nice to see LG and Daewoo are still around.

While we’re on the subject of “Cloud Atlas,” I really must ask… et tu, Doona?