Arthur Patterson is in the news again (Korea Times) .  In April 1997 a 23-year-old Korean student was stabbed to death in the Burger King in Itaewon.  Apparently his murder was just a spree of the moment act of violence.

Police arrested two suspects ― Patterson, son of a U.S. military contractor, and Edward Lee, his Korean-American friend. Both were 18 at the time.

Patterson and Lee accused each other of committing the murder.

Initially, the prosecution indicted Lee for the murder but he was acquitted in 1999 by the Supreme Court for lack of evidence.

Prosecutors then banned Patterson from leaving the country to help investigators solve the case. He, however, departed for the United States in August 1999, hours after the travel ban expired. The Korean authorities failed to renew the ban.

In December 2009 – the Korean Government re-opened the investigation into the murder and in January the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a request for Patterson to be extradited to Korea to stand trial (Time Magazine, January 2010).  Last May – at the request of the Korean government – Patterson, who was a fitness trainer, was arrested and bail denied three times.  This was discussed on The Hole shortly afterwards.  Even though the extradition has been approved it won’t be done anytime soon.  According to the Chosun Ilbo:

The U.S. decision to extradite Patterson does not guarantee he will stand trial in a Korean court in the near future.

“Patterson has voiced his willingness to exercise his right to protect himself from arbitrary state action through habeas corpus, so it may take more than a year until he can be extradited to Korea,” the official added.