OK, we should be back now

Sorry about that.

Experienced an unexpected technical issue yesterday that required a rather time-consuming solution.

The Marmot’s Hole appears to be working now, but my photoblog will require another day or so. Please let me know if you continue to experience technical difficulties.

  • yuna

    I experienced some mild withdrawal symptoms in the meanwhile..I imagined my life without Marmot’s Hole, and realized that it’d become an quite an important point of my daily life.
    Maybe it’s my uyu jusa.

  • CactusMcHarris

    I needed the latest argument for dog soup restaurants on Dokdo but was denied service myself.

  • Seth Gecko

    I thought I was banned.

    Re #2,
    that’s dog soup restaurants on Takeshima!

  • dogbertt

    The importance of paying one’s bills cannot be overstated.

  • http://www.chinasmack.com/tag/funny/page/3 Jakgani

    I thought someone had done something bad

  • iMe

    was it the norks, robert?

  • Anonymous_Joe

    While you were down, the redirect page or the default page of the server tried to download something to my computer. Do you know what that was?

  • keyinjpop

    Thank goodness this blog is back. I thought one of you did something to piss off WordPress so I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

  • KrZ

    Must have mentioned something about the leaflets.


  • Anonymous_Joe

    #8, I’m sure that many others thought, “Oh crap. Did I post something that triggered this.” I’m not going to say “only in Korea”, but I will say “not in America.”

  • Avaast

    Speaking of avoiding tedious technical issues, can anyone recommend a good VPN service for the UK or the US? I’m interested in gaining access to Hulu/iPlayer but obviously won’t be if the streaming speed isn’t up to snuff. I’m on SK broadband at the moment on their fastest package, and Youtube still needs to buffer for a 10 second video. Many thanks!

  • met069


    I do believe that the problem of slow streaming is unique to YouTube in Korea.


    It has to do with there being no dedicated Korean YouTube server, so I don’t think this should affect your decision to get Hulu!

  • guitard

    @Avaast: I’ve been using this one: http://www.privatetunnel.com and I’m very pleased with the service.

    I payed USD $50 for the 500GB package. Mostly, I use it for streaming sports broadcasts that are only available in the US. I’ve watched three or four football games and watched a few other streaming videos and so far have only used 6GBs. The packages are 50GB for $12 / 100GB for $20 / 500GB for $50. You can set up a VPN connection to Chicago, San Jose (California), London, Montreal, or Zurich.

  • Avaast


    Thanks for the advice! Will check it out tomorrow.

  • http://globalasianculture.com Liz


    This brief reprieve reminded me of the old days when you would disappear for half-hours due to a call of nature.

    But upon your return you would reclaim your seat as you remarked off-handedly, “That was pleasant.”

    In your absence, people have been productive. Expats in China and even Ai Weiwei have created parodies of Gangnam Style.

    Laowai Style

    Ai Weiwei Style

    Welcome back.

  • tapadamornin

    It will be interesting to see if Psy can maintain his success overseas after this. He’s getting an extraordinary amount of attention, having both a cameo on the season premiere of SNL and also being the number one post on Reddit right now:


    Also, on a completely unrelated note, there’s a Vice documentary about Seoul’s Fashion Week up right now on YouTube:

    It seemed to be working from a lot of stereotypes, but what do you guys think?

  • yuna

    I stopped watching when she pronounced Kangnam as 깡남.

  • yuna

    It happens at around 2:30.
    I did more than cringe this time. I flinched. It’s worse than a out-of-tune note in a piece of music.

  • yuna

    Please, dear God, let the word be spread that the proper Korean (not Gorean) pronunciation of Kangnam is a soft K, with only a soft raise of the k, with respect to the next syllable “nam” and almost close to (k)Hangnam.

  • tapadamornin

    I don’t really see that as a big deal. It’s pretty much a given that anyone is going to have trouble pronouncing words from a foreign language. Sure it might be grating, but it’s inevitable.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Prease deal Kod ret the wold be splead that the plopel Engrishee plonunciation of ‘l’ is ‘la’ and of ‘r’ is ‘ra’. “Larry!” (which we know as “really!”)

  • yuna

    The big fat laughable deal is that it was a whole lot less inevitable with the previous way of romanizing, which they just changed and made it atrocious.

    Exactly my point (though I do find it funny that when people try to emulate Korean accent in English, they get the r and the l mixed up themselves, for example, when Kim Jongil sings I’m so *ronnery* it’s more likely the other way round that they tend to pronounce r as l, and not vice versa, as a proper transliteralization of r into ㄹwould require additional vowel sound which Koreans do not bother with, (or when they do, they get laughed at, case in point that Korean woman politician who became famous for 오륀지(o-rin-ji) not 오렌지(o-LEN-ji).

    So, let me re-write your mockery so that it is actually correctly wrong for the future Team America song writers:

    플리즈 디어 고드, (pul-lee-ju,dee-er,kho-du)
    렛 더 워드 비 스프레드 (ledduh-wodu-bee-su-pu-ledu)

  • yuna

    tapadamornin, so in other words, I have no grudge towards the woman presenter herself (well apart from her accent, British accent sounds so condescending and especially like a grammar school woman principal at a school assembly when they try to delve into different cultures or animals),only against Koreans themselves for ruining a perfectly good working way of getting close pronunciation and replacing it by force, having to change things like Welcome to Pusan daisy flower bed in the interchange to Welcome to Busan etc.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Robert, do you cache IP addresses of posters?