“Uyu Jusa” – so-called “milk-injection” dangerous

So far nobody has done a post on this as far as I know, but recently there have been many cases in the Korean media concerning a substance used/abused by commoners and celebrities alike.
Its official name is 프로포폴 in English and from the milk-like appearance, it’s earned the name 우유주사 *Uyu Jusa* or milk injection in Korean. It’s also known as “Milk of Amnesia” (LOL) in English.
KBS news reports that a couple was found dead in a motel room after injecting themselves with the substance. The police are now investigating how it was obtained by the woman who happened to work as a nurse assistant in a Pusan hospital.
Commonly used as a anaesthetic agent for endoscopy, it looks like it has become common practice to be prescribed for misuse by many Korean women suffering from depression and sleep disorder who then become addicted and dependent on it.

  • http://www.chinasmack.com/tag/funny/page/3 Jakgani

    Good ole Propofol.

    My vet injects my cat with that in her hind leg, 20 minutes before giving her a bath.

    it calms her down enough and makes her “groggy” so that she doesn’t fight whilst being washed.

    Then she walks around my apartment “drunk” for the rest of the day.

    Lucky I only have her washed once every two months.

    Why two people in a hotel room would want to take it – beats me. It’s like being extremely drunk – unable to perform.

  • trashvortex

    Quick—outlaw it so people can find something even more dangerous and obscure to abuse!

  • CactusMcHarris

    And water is wet – why, oh why, can’t there be fewer stupid people when it comes to things like this?

  • hardyandtiny

    why wash a cat every two months?

  • http://adamsawry.wordpress.com Adams-awry

    addicted AND dependent. Jesus!

  • brier

    Wait until some English teacher get caught doing this drug. He/she will get drawn and quartered throughout the Korean media as a deviant, unqualified, endangering the lives of others rift-raft. All the while pure and innocent local housewives and celebrities have medical dependencies and need society’s support. Amazing contrasts!

  • CactusMcHarris


    ‘Problem with that shedding pussy?’ is a line from the informercial for the Shtickie (featuring Vince Offer). It’s hilarious, even after the tenth time – it’s them being very corny at times and yet funny.


    You can thank me later.

  • keith

    Anyone who injects drugs is a weirdo. I hate injections, just the thought of them gives me the shivers. It’s the number one reason I hated doing the health check, getting an injection in a filthy hospital is more dangerous to my health than not having a health check!

    Why does your cat have a bath? We’ve had our cat for years and have never washed it, he does it himself very effectively. The only thing grooming thing we do is give him a bit of a brush every now and again, when he gets a new coat, he sheds hair and makes a bit of a mess.

  • CactusMcHarris

    For the first time here my comment is awaiting moderation in #7 – I feel chastened for no particular reason.

  • CactusMcHarris


    Isn’t that the drug Michael Jackson died from?

  • http://www.chinasmack.com/tag/funny/page/3 Jakgani

    why wash a cat every two months?


  • Flyingsword K

    Have you tried athletes foot powder on your cat? dandruff often comes from similiar type skin condition in animals….worked for my dog.

    Otherwise you cat may become addicted AND dependent…don’t want your cat being found in a love motel….

  • Flyingsword K

    your cat…sorry

  • http://www.chinasmack.com/tag/funny/page/3 Jakgani

    Have you tried athletes foot powder on your cat? dandruff often comes from similiar type skin condition in animals….worked for my dog

    Thanks for the advice, but I am afraid she might lick it off and poison herself.

    I don’t mind her being drunk and “sedated” once every two months, it’s the only time she wants to cuddle up.

    When she is not drunk she usually just acts like a vicious guard dog, guarding the apartment and guarding the bed. She really thinks she is a dog – even plays “fetch” and runs along right beside me when I go somewhere.

  • jeep44

    There’s a funny “Cheezeburger” photo of a cat struggling in the tub,and the caption says something like “Read the manual! I’m self-cleaning!”

  • gruentag

    Yeah propofol was one of the agents Michael Jackson was using when he died. It is an intravenous general anesthetic. It is not an antidepressant but it can cause euphoria with onset and upon waking up. Abuse of the drug is well reported. Why anyone would be dumb enough to abuse a drug that causes profound respiratory depression is beyond me, but such is human nature.

  • inkevitch

    It is generally used only as an induction agent, or in TIVA. Jakgani your story is untrue as it has a half life of ~10mins and it is very alkalinic and irritative so it would not be given as an IM injection. The medication your vet is using is either ketamine or more likely midazolam.

    Yes it was what MJ was on as well as a substantial amount of diazepam.

    It is a drug that can cause complete anaesthesia, which means no breathing. This can be a problem if you don’t have a trained anaesthetist able to intubate and ventilate you. It should never be used outside a hospital and is only used in operating theatres, intensive care and emergency departments.

    But the sleep from it is described often as the best sleep you ever had, however this nis usually combined with some form of benzodiazzepine, opiiod narcotic and inhalation anaesthetic which would add to this.

    A decade ago a drug called thiopentone was the more common induction agent used, however because the US used it as part of its lethal injection cocktail for execution the Italian company that made it essentially withdrew it from the market for the US and many other markets. You literally could not use it at all in australia. And thus the rise of propfol.

  • inkevitch

    Gruentag – there was a study which showed that people who thought they were getting electroconvulsive therapy for depression but didn’t get it but had the relaxant drugs (propofol and suxamethonium) had as much an improvement with their depression as those that received the shock therapy.

    ketamine gives you a dissociative state, propfol doesn’t seem to cause euphoria, none i have spoken to on waking up have said so. They have just said they feel”well rested”