So far nobody has done a post on this as far as I know, but recently there have been many cases in the Korean media concerning a substance used/abused by commoners and celebrities alike.
Its official name is 프로포폴 in English and from the milk-like appearance, it’s earned the name 우유주사 *Uyu Jusa* or milk injection in Korean. It’s also known as “Milk of Amnesia” (LOL) in English.
KBS news reports that a couple was found dead in a motel room after injecting themselves with the substance. The police are now investigating how it was obtained by the woman who happened to work as a nurse assistant in a Pusan hospital.
Commonly used as a anaesthetic agent for endoscopy, it looks like it has become common practice to be prescribed for misuse by many Korean women suffering from depression and sleep disorder who then become addicted and dependent on it.