Incheon’s Songdo district has become the first Korean city to play host to a major international organization:

Officials of Incheon, which governs Songdo International Business District, said Sunday that the size, influence and status of the GCF is much larger and higher than other international organizations which have been located in Korea so far.

“With the GCF secretariat, Incheon and Songdo will emerge as the center for international environment activities and environmentally-friendly technology,” a city official said.

He said by beating strong competitors Geneva and Bonn, the world has acknowledged Songdo’s competitiveness as an international business zone.

The mayor of Incheon must be especially excited:

“I’d say Songdo will then be able to emerge as an influential city such as New York City, where the U.N. is located,” he said.

Think big, my friend.

I love Songdo, and congratulate the city of Incheon for its success. And you have to admit, Songdo makes the perfect home for the GCF—if you’ve been to Songdo on a weekend, you already know that there’s no place on Earth outside of Antarctica with a lower carbon footprint.

Ye Olde Chosun has a story about Korea’s surprising bid victory, along with the usual stuff about how Ze Germans didn’t really take Korea seriously, blah blah. Of course, with Psy in the Koreans’ corner, the Germans never really had a chance: