A tweet by a netizen who put up a picture of puppies with the story that the mother dog escaped out of the dog farm/restaurant in Pusan to give birth to them before returning to the place has been viewed more than 100,000 times in less than 24 hours, with many comments, and has become big news. The tweet has asked for help in adopting the puppies and said the mother dog is already rescued.
This brings us to the other issue, the impracticality and unsuitability of dogs especially as battery farming animal and the reason why they are packed so tightly together. Due to the fact that dogs are social animals who have such clear hierarchy (anybody who has been to dog schools/dog socialization will know) they cannot be packed in small cages with each other. Often they will fight each other to death when stressed, and this means to prevent them from ruining the meat they have to be packed especially close to each other.

Finally there was also a recent news report that there is virtually no difference between pet dogs and dogs used in Korean restaurants (as the dogmeat defenders like to claim) based on a recent investigation.

Also worthy of note from the last report is that nearly 60 percent of those surveyed have answered “No” to the question if they have ever tried dogmeat. I would have thought it would be higher than that, as I have yet to come across anybody close to me or friends (even those vehemently defending the right to eat dog meat) who have told me that they have eaten it.